5 Highest Rated Cruise Ports in the Atlantic

Taking a cruise is the trip of a lifetime for many people. There are cruises that go all over the world, and they are running all year long. No matter where you plan to go, there are sure to be ports you love and others you loveless. If you are looking for cruises with ports to the highest-rated spots, you need to make a point to visit the places below. 
Philipsburg, St. Maarten / St. Martin 
When you need to get as much culture into one trip as possible, this is a great destination. This island is rich with two different cultures. It was settled not only by the Dutch, but also the French. Because of this, you will get a beautiful mix of European cultures on this one island.
If you are looking for beauty without all the people, consider taking a ferry to Pinel Island. Here, you can eat, see the beauty of the island and even go snorkeling. Since this is an uninhabited area, it is close to nature.
Reykjavik, Iceland
Iceland is a country that has beauty in many forms. With volcanoes, mountains, and more, you will see natural beauty beyond compare. Additionally, the cities have a beat that is all their own. From the music to the bright houses, this is a stop that is a feast for the eyes.
Reykjavik has a variety of festivals. Many cruises happen to land during these, so take part in the festivities. It is a once in a lifetime experience. With many food types to enjoy, you will find your port stay in Reykjavik to be an amazing one.
King’s Wharf, Bermuda
Formerly known as Royal Naval Dockyard, King’s Wharf is the busiest and largest port in Bermuda. Being of such an immense size, it’s actually the only port in Bermuda that can accommodate the increasingly large statures of modern cruise vessels. Buses and ferries offer transport from King’s Wharf into the heart of Bermuda’s commerce at Hamilton City. Both, King’s Wharf and Hamilton City, offer fantastic culture, markets, and genuine fun for all tourists visiting on Bermuda cruises.
Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos
Are you looking for a port with picture-perfect sand, sky, and water? If so, Grand Turks is the stop for you. The turquoise sky and beautiful beaches are just a few of the many reasons this port has become so popular over the years.
A variety of shops, restaurants, and more await you in Grand Turk. Are you someone who enjoys collecting things like stamps? If so, a stop at the Philatelic Bureau is in order. This area is known for its bright, exotic stamps and other collectibles.
Barcelona, Spain
When looking for a bit of Spanish flair, there is no better option than Barcelona. For those who love architecture, this is a city that cannot be missed. The ancient and modern styles combine to give Barcelona a look, unlike anything you will see elsewhere.
Additionally, this is a hotspot for fashion and commerce. Getting great souvenirs is easy when you are in Barcelona. Just make sure you don’t spend so much time in the shops that you miss the beach! It’s also important to make sure you don’t miss the great flavors of the food.
Finding the right cruise can be a bit of a juggle. You need to get the right timing, the right ports, and the right ship. However, once it all comes together and once you have all of your travel photos to prove it, it is sure to be a trip you will remember for the rest of your life.
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