Greenland is one of the largest islands in the world. It is located close to the North Pole, and it neighbors the North American continent to the northeast. Greenland is a cool territory of the Denmark Kingdom. Lands that are close to Greenland are Iceland, Canada, and Norway. The official language in Greenland is Greenlandic. The population in Greenland is very low compared to the same size territories such as Australia and Mexico region
This could be because of its large cover of ice that is unfavorable to human settlement. During the summer, a small area of the island especially the coastal region melts completely into green lands, a source of enticement snatched by the historic Erik the Red, in making Iceland settlers to shift to the island during the summer period. 
There are only two ways of accessing Greenland Island from neighboring countries and other parts of the world. When using airplanes, you can land in either the Kangerlussuaq or the Narsarsuaq Airports. The capital city of Nuuk also has an international airport that operates flights between the city and Iceland and Canada. Airlines that operate international flights between Greenland and other parts of the world are Air Greenland (the national carrier) and Air Iceland. Ferry transport is available only from Iceland using the Hurtigruten cruise ships. 
Tourist accommodation is very much available in Greenland. There are excellent hotels and affordable basic hotels for budget tourists. The excellent hotels are located within the vicinity of the tourist sites. Cheaper hotel accommodation like the Seaman’s Hotel at Maniitsoq. There are also hostels that can be the cheapest option in the country. To have information about the hostels available in the country, check the list of hostels and their locations in the Nuuk Tourism office. You may also find private rentals in safe areas close to the towns that you can use for long-term stay in Greenland. 
Greenland’s cuisine is similar to the American and European cuisines. However, you will meet traces of local Traditional dishes like reindeer meat and fish desserts. Greenland is also the place where you get to taste whale meat. There are also restaurants that will offer foreign cuisines like Chinese restaurants. 
You will also find many snack shops that sell hamburgers, sandwiches, and fries amongst many other portable foods in the cities and towns within Greenland. The dining expenditure to spend in Greenland is high as the restaurant and hotel prices are likewise, however, you will be satisfied with the large amounts of food you will be served. You will also find varieties of drinks like the locally made Greenlandic coffee sold in the restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets. 
Greenland hosts unique attractions that are mostly nature-based. The ice cover has created unique natural attractions such as huge icebergs and glaciers. There are also sea tours when you get you see whales, polar bears from afar safe distance, and seals. Fun activities to indulge in while in Greenland are kayaking, mountain climbing, and hiking in safe areas within the island so seek information about the secure hiking regions of Greenland.