Zambia is one of the countries in Africa that has been peaceful since its existence as a nation. Despite consisting of over 60 tribes, all the tribes belong to one African language group known as the Bantu. Thus, Zambians have been living harmoniously for a long period, and this peace creates a welcoming and comfortable environment for tourists visiting the nation. Zambia is located in the southern region of the African continent, and its neighbors Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique, and Tanzania.
Zambia has many attractions to offer in its tourism sector. Some of them are included in the list of the World Heritage Sites and it proudly bears one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Thus, visiting Zambia would be a memorable experience as you get to know the country’s rich heritage and enjoy its natural attractions within its landlocked territory.
The major means by which tourists travel to Zambia is using air transport. Zambia has many international airports; one in its capital city of Lusaka, Ndola, and some smaller ones in Livingstone next to the vibrant Victoria Falls. The airport in Lusaka serves direct international gateways to and from London and Dubai. Livingstone International Airport connects Livingstone to Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Kruger. The international airport in Ndola connects Zambia to countries within the African continent like Kenya and South Africa.
Another optional means of traveling to Zambia is by train. There are good quality trains that run between Tanzania and Zambia. If you are coming into Zambia from Tanzania, board a TAZARA train in Dar es Salaam to arrive at Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia. However, note that you will require to carry your passport, and as you cross over the border to Zambia without having paid the fare, Zambian money will be accepted and not Tanzanian Shillings.
If you are from Zimbabwe, there are trains in Bulawayo that you can board to arrive at the Victoria Falls in Zambia. Moreover, there are birder routes from neighboring countries that can be used by car rides; like the Livingstone from Zimbabwe, Chipata route from Malawi, Chingola route from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Katima Muliro Bridge from Namibia, and the Tunduma route from Tanzania. Public buses are also available in Malawi, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe for rides into Lusaka, Zambia.
The best form of accommodation in Zambia is the hotel. Hotels are well known to provide constant electricity and all the pre-requisites of a hotel room rather than the basics. Actually, the best hotel accommodation can be found in the cities by hotels like the Ndeke, Lusaka Backpackers, and the Intercontinental, which charge at the range of $15 – $30 per night. Camping is cheaper (t at least $8 per night), however, you will have to observe precautions when camping in the camping sites.
When dining in the exotic and fine restaurants and hotels in Zambia, you are likely to come across the local delicious dishes of the country. The most common and staple food of the country is the maize-made cake locally referred to as ‘nsima’. The nsima can be eaten with any kind of stew and meat, and meat is mostly eaten by hand whereby a handful is pinched from the plate, rolled into a ball, and dipped into the stew served to be eaten. The nsima dish is quite cheap at even less than a dollar in the less pricy restaurants than those in the cities.
You can as well choose to dine the foreign dishes especially in hotels like the Intercontinental. Snack shops are also available in the streets of cities and towns that offer pizza, burgers, and fried meat amongst other takeaway snacks. Indulge into the locally made drinks such as the Maheu beer that is made using maize, and it appears in lots of flavors including the chocolate flavor. Many larger brands like the Mosi, Eagle, and Zambezi Lager are in plenty, including the various famous Coca Cola soft drinks.
Touring Zambia is a nature adventure around the national parks, the huge Victoria Falls, and of course enjoying safari ours around the nature reserves. The Blue Lagoon National Park is well known for its buffalo and zebra species. If you would like to find out the exotic African bird species, then visit the Lochinvar National Park. The Victoria Falls is necessary to visit, and if you fail to pass by the falls, then your visit to Zambia is not significant. The Victoria Falls are globally recognized as a natural wonder of the world due to its formation and its large size. It is ever-flowing and has existed for many centuries and even a millennium.
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