Weekend breaks in the UK for the elderly

When planning a short trip or holiday it’s essential to cater to everyone’s needs. Although everyone has a different idea of an ideal break or destination, it’s possible to find a suitable destination which will fulfil everyone’s idea of an enjoyable getaway. Some older people often have additional needs such as help with mobility or require on-going medical support so locations should be chosen wisely. Many destinations routinely cater for older travellers and some even have adapted accommodation to help with mobility issues. Travellers are advised to liaise with travel companies and accommodation managers to ensure they are fully equipped to deal with any issues and can provide the appropriate level of assistance required.
Although the destination itself is important, due consideration should be given to the travel arrangements. Elderly people can often find long journeys difficult and uncomfortable and may prefer to visit a destination closer to home. Alternatively, they may decide to rely on public transport rather than using a car. The vast network of public transport in the UK means that most destinations can be reached relatively easily via public transport. In addition to this, private holiday companies often arrange travel to and from the destination and organize local coach pick-ups in order to ensure holidaymakers don’t have to worry about making travel arrangements. 
It’s important that travellers research what facilities will be available whilst travelling and ensure they suit their needs. For example, travellers with mobility issues may wish to avoid choosing to travel by train if it involves many changes and lengthy waits at stations. They may prefer to use another option which offers them a more direct route. Similarly, thought should be given to the repercussions of any delays or hold-ups. Travellers should ensure they take the appropriate steps to reduce discomfort and make travelling as easy and as relaxed as possible. 
In addition to planning how to travel to and from the destination, holidaymakers should consider how to get around during their break. Public transport in rural areas is often not as frequent as in cities and may not suit older travellers. Some may choose to hire a car in order to travel whilst others may opt for a destination that requires limited travel. 
There are a range of destinations available for elderly travellers planning a weekend break and most can be tailored to suit specific requirements. If travellers wish to reduce the hassle of travelling the may choose a package break. These are often run by private companies and can include travel as well as accommodation and entertainment. In addition to this, they often offer some support for travellers which can give peace of mind to elderly holidaymakers. Regardless of whether travellers choose to arrange their trip themselves or book a place on a pre-arranged excursion, they should ensure the facilities meet their needs and that the trip is something they will enjoy. 
With many locations and accommodations specifically designed for elderly travellers and holiday packagers tailored to older customers, there are a variety of options available to ensure elderly holidaymakers can relax and enjoy their trip. 
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