Togo is a fine tourist destination in West Africa. It is a country that occupies a narrow territory in the West African region where it borders Ghana, Benin, and Burkina Faso. Being one of the French colonial territories, Togo maintains the French language as its official language. Togo displays many attractions including its beautiful, white sandy beaches along its coast next to the Atlantic Ocean. Its infrastructure and roads are remarkable and its capital city of Lome is the best place to start your tour because it is an attractive and fantastic place to hang around. 
There are three ways of getting into Togo. The main international airport in Lome City enables visitors from different parts of the world to be able to access this small country with the help of many airlines from various countries. However, if you coming from neighboring Ghana and Benin, you can board a taxi in Accra-Ghana that will take you to Lome City. Alternatively, you can use your own private car and ensure that you are along the Trans-West African Coastal Highway, which connects Togo to Benin, Nigeria, Ghana, and Cote d’Ivoire. Burkina Faso, Benin, and Ghana have public buses that can transport passengers to Togo, so find their bus terminals especially in their capital cities to access the buses.
When arranging for accommodation in Togo, it is advisable to check for the available options on the internet. This will help you located the place you will arrive at, and get your desirable choice that suits your preferences. The types of facilities available in Togo are villas, hostels, and hotels. There is a good selection of villas along the coast, and they have a splendid view of the Atlantic Ocean.
Togo has an interesting mixture of dishes that are its traditional collection and symbol of its local cuisine. Its common local dishes are the Fufu and the Pate. The Pate is a dish made using cornflour, whereas the Fufu is a doughy yam dish. These dishes can be found in restaurants. The dishes are usually served as carbohydrates with spicy stews and fish (if you would like a meat to be added to your dish). To get fresh fruits, you can head to the market center where seasonal mangoes, avocadoes, and pineapples amongst other fruits can be found. Thirsty? Then order for juice and have to choose between Lemonade and Bissap drinks. Bars are in plenty in Lome as well as nightclubs.
Excursions to Lake Togo, the national parks and reserves of the country, the coastal beaches, and the historic sites are the activities you will come across as you tour Togo. Togoville and Neho towns that are located at the coats are the best spots to learn about the ancient empire that once existed in the West African region. Here you will find the ancient voodoo shrines that have existed for over a long period of centuries. A visit to the Tamberma Valley reveals the pure culture of the locals known as the Batammariba people.