Tunisia, Africa

Like other developed Arabic countries, Tunisia stands out as a fantastic tourist destination in North Africa. Tunisia lies within the Sahara desert region, and this location bestows it with beautiful scenery of the desert and its sand dunes. Tunisians speak the Arabic language, whereas the official language if French. Tunisia bears a rich heritage created by historic events that took place for many centuries and over a millennium ago. The history has left behind marks and symbols that have exited over numerous centuries to-date. Tunisia is also home to the turquoise Mediterranean coastal beaches and sea. Its beaches are the major attractions as well as the beautiful and clear Mediterranean Sea.
Arriving at Tunisia is easy by plane because there are many international airports in different parts of the country. The major international airports are Tunis-Carthage International Airport that is near the capital city of Tunis, and Skanes-Monastir Airport. Most of the international airports are stationed near tourist destinations in the country. Another means of travelling to Tunisia is by ferry transit. Visitors from neighboring France, Italy, and Malta in Europe (just across the Mediterranean Sea) can use ferries to arrive at Tunisia’s major port of Tunis. 
Whether it is in an apartment or a hotel room, there are many options for accommodation in Tunisia. There is a wide range of hotel accommodation; from the low pricey ones to the luxurious and high-quality hotels. Most of the hotels include meal arrangements in their charges so it is convenient living in them. The quality for even the basic set up of a hotel room is fine and comfortable. Apartments are also widely available and ready to be rented out for as long as you wish to stay in them. 
Tunisia has a good selection of high-end hotels and restaurants within its cities. The food services in the cities compared to the low pricey restaurants are different. You would prefer to find a self-contained hotel room where you can just cook your meals if the high-quality hotels are too pricey for you. All that said, you would find the local cuisine in various delicious dishes. To name some of them are the meat pies, spicy sausages, lamb dishes, and varieties of seafood. Beer is a restricted issue in the country; however, you can find beer in supermarkets and pricey restaurants, except during Muslim holidays.
Touring Tunisia involves a wide range of tourist destinations. Not to forget the largest desert in the world, the Sahara Desert, the Mediterranean sea view and beaches, and the significant historic sites in the country, that must be visited if you get a chance to travel to this country. A historic tour around the country explores the ruins of the once strong Roman Empire that existed in the country several centuries back. To observe these ruins and learn about the history, visit Dougga, El Jem Amphitheatres, and the Sufetula Roman settlement that has long been preserved since its establishment. View the beautiful landscape scenery of hills and gorges as you ride in the Red Lizard train at a place called Metlaoui.