Don’t forget the countryside when you go to the UK

Overseas visitors to the United Kingdom often go there on holiday to see and appreciate a lot of the history and culture that the country has to offer. You could spend weeks and months in London without seeing all the art, architecture and museums that it has, let alone the entertainment like the ballet, opera, theatre and musicals. But while London probably warrants a trip by itself, for the novice visitor to Britain there is an amazing range of countryside and other cities to explore. If you want to see the British coast at its best, then it’s a good idea to visit anywhere between May and September, but if you can steer clear of school holiday time, you’ll have a little more room on the beach and less stress trying to book accommodation for your stay. 
The Devon and Cornish coast is a great region to take a holiday in, as there is such a range of scenery and things to do in the area. Be aware though, that there are some long distances to travel so distances that look quite short on the map can take a long time to cover because of the small roads once you’ve left the motorway network. When you’re deciding on a place to stay it’s a good idea to Google a few different route plans, to see how long journeys to various places you want to visit will take. 
There is plenty of accommodation in the whole area, as it’s a region that depends heavily on tourism. You can go for the traditional kind of Devon caravan holidays where you either drive there with a towing caravan, or more likely for the overseas visitor, rent a mobile home on a holiday park when you get there. If you have a smaller budget, you can also opt to take a tent with you and stay at different campsites along the way. Staying on a campsite usually means that you’ll be in a beautiful location, but you will be sharing it with everyone else on the campsite! Alternatively, there are plenty of idyllic holiday cottages to choose from, so that you can experience life in the real English countryside. 
It all depends on what kind of accommodation you like – and whether you need things like wifi and other modern conveniences on hand. Search around and see what’s available and what would fit best with the type of holiday you have in mind.