Malawi is a tourist destination in Africa popular for bearing Africa’s third-largest lake, Lake Malawi. Malawi is situated in East Africa, next to Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zambia. Malawi is independent of friendly people, rich cultural heritage, and a wide variety of attractions that make the country one of the top tourist destinations among South African countries. English is the official language in Malawi, while Chichewa is the local tongue spoken and common in most remote and urban centers of the country. The geographical scenery of the country is mostly a plateau landscape, and it experiences an alternating warm and rainy season, to a cool and dry season. 
Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe, has been a major international gateway into the country because the main international airport is in the city. This airport connects Malawi to various destinations such as Johannesburg-South Africa, NairobiKenya, and Dubai. Airlines that are useful for accessing Malawi from another country are Air Malawi (the national carrier) and Swift Air, amongst a few others.

If you are coming into Malawi from Mozambique, you can as well use train transport from Nampula in Mozambique to arrive at the train station at Blantyre in Malawi. Another alternative is boarding a ferry at the either Cobue or Metangula port in Mozambique to arrive at Likoma Island of Malawi. If you are entering from Zambia, then board a car at the Zambian border of Mchinji and use the road route to Lilongwe City of Malawi. Public buses are available in Lusaka-Zambia, Mbeya-Karonga route in Tanzania, and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, which will take you to Lilongwe, Karonga, or Mzuzu in Malawi. 

When searching for accommodation in Malawi, you will facilities in the form of lodging, hotel rooms, and camping sites. The hotels at Lake Malawi are of international standards and luxurious, hence they bear a dear charge for every day spent overnight in their hotel rooms. There are lodgings located within the wildlife region. The Bua River Lodge is located on the eastern side of the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve. Malawi’s cuisine involves a unique blend of recipes that include maize, dried fish, and pumpkin leaves. Some restaurants offer the local dishes at low cheaper prices than the hotels in town and the city. Apart from the local cuisine, western food dishes are also available. In case a tourist is Muslim, he or she will never be served with pork meat in most restaurants.

Traveling around Malawi’s tourist attractions takes you to a variety of destinations that makes touring in Malawi a memorable holiday event. Cape Maclear is a fine destination for sandy beach fun in the beautiful natural surroundings of the cape that juts into the large Malawi Lake. Likoma and Chisumulu Islands are also interesting places to visit. Liwonde National Park houses a variety of wildlife species like the eagles and the African elephants. Apart from sightseeing all these attractions, there are fun activities you can indulge in, like boat riding in Lake Malawi, water sports, nature trekking, mountain biking, and culture indulgence by visiting villages to understand the local Malawi culture blend.

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