Nigeria is a country famous for its rich culture, talent in music and drama, and most of all a stable tourist destination in West Africa. Nigeria is made up of a few tribes namely the Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba. Nigeria is one of the few developed countries in the African continent thanks to its rich oil mines located at the delta that drains into the Atlantic Ocean. Nigeria is an English-speaking nation as one of the British colonies in the Africa region. It is easy getting into Nigeria from a far country since the country has better-advanced transportation facilities. As much as Nigeria has more than two international airports and local airports, moving around the vast territory of the nation is made easier.

Nigeria. Using border crossings by car can be risky due to the high possibility of robbery. There are four international airports in Nigeria to which you will arrive at by airplane. You can choose the destination airport in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, or Kano. The local airlines that facilitate international flights are Virgin Nigeria, Arik Airlines, and Bellview Airlines. Arik Airlines caters to journeys between Nigeria and; the United Kingdom and South Africa. Virgin Nigeria Airlines concentrate on journeys between Nigeria and other states within the African continent. Many foreign airlines arrive and depart from the international airports, and they connect from London, Amsterdam, Paris-France, Rome-Italy, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Madrid, Atlanta-U.S., Washington-D.C., New York, Beijing-China, Dubai, and Doha.

Nigeria has top quality accommodation provided by the luxurious chains of hotels within the cities of the country. Some of the hotels are highly rated on the African continent. There are also lodgings and holiday rentals for tourists if the hotels turn out to be expensive. Examples of top-quality hotel chains to find in Nigeria’s cities are the Transcorp Hilton, the Meridian, and Sheraton Hotels.

Indulge in the local traditional delicacies at the restaurants within the city centers and small towns. Soup dishes are common traditional dishes that come along with the jollof rice. You will come across also the pepper soup in case you like pepper. Meat like fish and beef is also part of the local dishes, and the suya is a kebab that is also common in the restaurants. The hotel chains offer a variety of foreign dishes.

Touring Nigeria exposes you to the traditional culture of the Nigerian tribes, the natural attractions, and the history of the country. Nigeria is luckily a non-landlocked country as it has an open coastline to the turquoise, blue, Atlantic Ocean. There are lively beaches where tourists can lay ball games and water sports. The Calabar Harbor is a historic monument that shows about the slave trade that existed many centuries ago. Explore the Nigerians’ talent in drama at the Nollywood studios in Tinapa.