Travel to Siberia

The Amur River 
Making up the centermost and Eastern portion of Russia, Siberia is a large area of land in the Northern part of Asia. While you may not know too much about Siberia, it has a fairly interesting history and rich culture, just like the more well-known cities in Russia. Perhaps known best for its harsh winters and wildlife, Siberia is home to only 25 percent of Russia’s population, making it every bit as desolate as you might believe. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth visiting Siberia, especially if you’re planning on visiting other parts of Russia or areas in the region.  
Trans-Siberian Railway
When in Siberia, one of the most common tourist destinations is the Trans-Siberian railway, a railway with a significant historic past. The Trans-Siberian railway moved nearly 10-million Russians before World War I. The area along the Trans-Siberian railway is also the most populated, which is another reason most tourists choose to see that area first. Along the Trans-Siberian railway, you’ll be exposed to much of the population of Siberia and given the chance to interact with locals in shops, markets, and restaurants.
Tourism in Siberia 
In general, locals are tolerant of tourists. Many welcome tourists that venture out of Russia’s well-known cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, making the experience one that can be very special for travelers. Siberia is also a generally safe place to visit. While there are random reports of pickpockets and other petty criminals, there are no dangers present in Siberia that are abnormal. All tourists need to be on guard and alert, even in big cities like St. Petersburg and Moscow. Siberia is no different.
Learn Some Russian 
While the general public is very friendly to tourists, most of Siberia’s population doesn’t speak any English at all. Most of Siberia’s population knows very little of any second language – something that’s very common in all areas of Russia. You may not have time to learn Russian completely before you visit Siberia, but learning some basic phrases and parts of speech can help you tremendously. Performing basic tasks like finding food or a certain area of Siberia will be much easier. Siberia is a somewhat vast place, so you don’t want to get lost while you’re there, especially if you can’t communicate with locals that could help you find your way back to your hotel or a familiar place.
Weather in Siberia
Siberia is well-known for its cold weather, and it does get very cold in the winter months. While it can be very beautiful, it can also be very hard to travel during the coldest parts of the year. If you’re going to Siberia, try to schedule your visit during the summer. Summer only lasts about one month in Siberia because of its location, but summer is by far the best time to visit. Visiting Siberia in the summer will allow you to see some of the amazing wildlife and scenery that the region has to offer, all without being bundled up in five layers and fighting through a snowstorm.