Kenya is a lovely country and globally popular in several significant social and political sectors. Kenya is located in East Africa, and it borders Uganda, Somalia, South Sudan, and Ethiopia. Kenya is a world of vast nature parks and reserves, fine white sandy beaches, attractive tribal cultures, and a significant historical background that has left behind several World Heritage sites within the country. The territory of Kenya consists of the dense highland region at the central and western regions of the country’s territory, the coastal climatic region ate the southeastern part of the country and the arid and semi-arid region at the northern region of the country. 
There are three main ways of entering Kenya. If you are coming from neighboring states of Ethiopia, Uganda, and Tanzania, you can use the major road connections across their borders with Kenya. From Ethiopia, board a car near the border to arrive at Moyale in northern Kenya. From Uganda, board a car to arrive at Busia in western Kenya. From Tanzania, you can use the border-crossing route from Namanga to any town in the southern region of Kenya. 
Alternatively, you can use public bus transport from Arusha in Tanzania, Kampala in Uganda or Dar es Salaam in Tanzania to arrive at the major bus stations in Mombasa and Nairobi in Kenya. Travelers in Zanzibar Island and Tanzania can use ferry transport to access Kenyan towns. From Mwanza in Tanzania, board a ferry that travels across the Lake Victoria to reach Kisumu port-city of Kenya. From Zanzibar, aboard a cruise ship to arrive at Kenya’s Indian Ocean coastal port of Mombasa.
The airplane is an alternative means of transport into Kenya from neighboring and far countries abroad. Kenya has two operating international airports that conduct international passenger flights between Kenya and many far destinations throughout the globe. The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport based at the capital city of Nairobi is served by several airlines that include Air Arabia, Air Malawi, Air Mauritius, Air India, British Airways, Air Uganda, Air Seychelles, Egypt Air, Emirates, Brussels Airlines, Gulf Air, and Virgin Atlantic Airlines. The Moi International Airport is based in Mombasa.
Finding an accommodation facility in Kenya to spend nights within this gorgeous country is easy. At least there are more than enough hotel rooms, tourist rental apartments, guesthouses, lodging, hostels, homestays, and camping accommodation. Lodgings are the cheapest forms of accommodation, and you can find a lodging facility that charges as low as five dollars per night. You can find yourself a convenient accommodation easily and have a great stay in this beautiful African country. All hotel rooms are comfortable and qualify the basic requirements for a bedroom set-up. 
Dining in Kenya opens you to a variety of local dishes formed by the wide variety of tribal cultures within the country. You will find the delicious ‘Mukimo’ dish that is often served with tasty stew. The Mukimo is a squashed blend of soft-boiled potatoes, beans or peas, and tiny-chopped vegetable leaves locally known as ‘Dania’. The ‘úgali’ is the popular African cake made using maize flour, and it is often eaten with cabbage, sukumawiki leaves, beef, goat meat, or fish. A variety of foreign cuisines is also served in the hotels and fine restaurants in the cities and well-up urban canters near tourist sites. Kenya relies almost totally on its locally produced drinks. Thanks to its large beer company, the East African Breweries, that manufactures a variety of drinks and wines for local consumption and exportation abroad. One of the local brands is the famous Tusker Malt Lager.
When you think of places to tour around Kenya, be prepared for one-on-one interaction with nature. Kenya has many national parks and game reserves to find a wide variety of wild animal species of the African continent. The Maasai Mara National Park is the largest and popular nature park for its big population of the wildcat family, for example lions and cheetahs. The coastal region is frequently visited especially during the end-year holiday celebrations. There are many white sandy beach spots to enjoy water sports like sailing, boat riding, camel riding, and more varieties of beach fun activities alongside the exotic eateries. The historic monuments within the country and many bothers in the coastal region will show you a huge collection of the history of Kenya that involves some other parts of the world. 
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