Cameroon is a large country located in the western part of the African continent (West Africa). The state is popular for its blossoming tourism sector brought about by the high ranking of its attractions among those of the West African states. Two official languages are spoken in this country; they are French and English. Cameroon features the highest mountain in West Africa, rich cultural blend from various ethnic backgrounds within the country, and a wide variety f natural landscapes that make the country a wonderful place to visit. 
 The Douala International Airport, Garoua International Airport, and Yaounde International Airport in Cameroon is the major gateway into the country. Travelers from neighboring countries like Nigeria would rather use airplane transport to escape security risks at the borders. Other far countries connected to Cameroon are Paris-France, Brussels, Zurich, NairobiKenya, Amsterdam, Casablanca, and Addis AbabaEthiopia. The Air France, Swiss Airlines, Kenya Airways, Brussels Airlines, Virgin Nigeria Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and the Ethiopian Airlines connect the countries to Cameroon. Visas are required from visitors coming from these destinations apart from Mali, Central African Republic, Chad, and Nigeria. Before traveling to Cameroon, it is advisable to check with the Cameroon embassy in your local country on information about visa requirements because there are many types of visas that visitors to the country need to bear depending on their purposes of traveling in the country.
Cameroon provides accommodation facilities in the form of hotels and rentals. You may find camping offers, but in case you feel the urge of using campsites, ensure that the camp organization has set in place strong security because the sites face the risk of being invaded by robbers in case there is no tight security close to the sites. High-quality hotel accommodation can be in the cities with comfortable and well-equipped rooms, and their hygienic standards are remarkable. However, the hotels charge higher than those operating in rural areas. The hotels in the rural areas may not be comfortable as those in the cities, but they are still affordable for the tourists who would like to save away from the high expenses of the city hotels.
There are many nice hotels and restaurants to dine in while still in Cameroon. They provide dishes made sing the local and other imported cuisine cooking designs. The foreign cuisines you will find are the Chinese, Lebanese, Italian, French, Mediterranean, and the German cuisines offered in by different hotels and restaurants that specialize in either one or two of the cuisines. Cameroon is good in the production of beer. Its local beer brands are the Mutzig, Isenbeck, Castel, and the dark, Castel Milk Stout.
Touring Cameroon takes you to a large number of tourist sites to enjoy your leisure time. The Dia Faunal Reserve is a world heritage site that bears important history about the country. You can also pass by the Korup National Park to check out interact with wildlife. Mount Cameroon is also a major attraction site in the country because it is the tallest in the whole of the West African region. Many other tourist sites include museums, lakes, botanic gardens, and cultural parks to get to understand the rich, ethnic background.