Angola is an African country stated in the central area of the African continent. It is popular for its devotion to music through its various groupings of music. Despite the recent war that ended in the year 2002, Angola’s people are still harmonious and they strive in their best to maintain peace in the country. The country is rich in natural resources such as diamonds and crude oil, which can sufficiently support its economy, hopeful in the next ten years they will join the developed world of countries. The general landscape of Angola consists of rain forests, highlands, the savanna, an arid and desert area in the northern part of the country, and a blissful coastal region facing the turquoise Atlantic Ocean. 
An airport has served as the major international gateway into Angola. The TAAG Linhas Aeras de Angola is situated a few kilometers from the capital city center of Luanda. It serves international flights between Angola and far destinations namely: Johannesburg, Windhoek, Harare, Kinshasa, Brazzaville, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Addis Ababa, Paris, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Madrid, and NairobiKenya. The airlines that facilitate international-flight transportation are Ethiopian Airways, Kenya Airways, Iberia, TAP Portugal, Lufthansa, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Air France, and South African Airways. If you are entering from nearby Namibia, you can make use of the natural-sight adventure by traveling using a car through the Namibia-Angola border that is close to Oshikango in Namibia. If you are in Cabinda, you can make use of the ferries to travel to Angola’s port terminals, or the cargo planes in case there are no ferries. 
There are many restaurants and hotels in the major urban centers and capital-Luanda City. However, food in the restaurants and hotels are expensive. Turning to the cheap options of dining can make you face the health dangers of unhygienic conditions of the hotel and restaurants offering cheap dishes. Therefore, be aware of the prices of food do that you budget early. The local dishes mostly include fish, cassava, and spicy ingredients in their recipes.
There are many options for accommodation facilities for visitors staying in Angola. These are the hotels, rental houses, and apartments. If you are planning to stay in Angola for one or more days thereafter, it is important to start organizing on how to get and secure a hotel room, rental home, or an apartment before moving into the country.
The accommodation is known to be expensive and scarce. The cheap ones never maintained properly so they could disappoint you as a tourist in the country. On the other hand, the luxurious hotels such as Tropico, Alvade, Continental, and the Palm Beach Hotels will satisfy you with their basics and luxuries, but you have to give in much to win their remarkable hospitality and dining experience.
Angola has a flourishing tourism industry thanks to its heritage centers, its richness in culture, and the beautiful landmarks that Mother Nature bestows the country. The Atlantic Ocean renders its coastal region with vibrant white sand beaches that have memorable fun and activities to enjoy in the sun and at night in the clubs. Among the historic sites is the Cidade Alta Church in Luanda, which was established in the eighteenth century, and its beauty still stands out to be seen. The wildlife in Kissama National Park is a lovely experience of interacting with the wildlife animal species of the country.