Saint Vincent and Grenadines Islands

Saint Vincent and Grenadines is a country situated in the Caribbean region. This nation consists of many islands consisting of the main island of Vincent and some Grenadines Islands. This nation is a fine tourist destination blessed with beautiful and applauding, natural landmarks, historic background sites, and splendid beaches. Though its status quo is low in terms of income, its tourism sector is a top thriving economy of the nation, hence it is the reason for the highly maintained tourism accommodation and hospitality facilities and services. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is known for its rich production in agricultural products like bananas.

The major means of transport from a far country to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Island is by airplane. However, people travel to this island by cruise ships and yachts from the nearby islands. The major international airport, E.T Joshua Airport, operates flights between the island and neighboring islands of Saint Kitts, St Lucia, Barbados, and Canouan.

Saint Vincent and Grenadines Islands have a well-laid system of accommodation facilities. There are guesthouses, beach resorts, and apartments. Beach resorts are located away from the urban centers, and they are the best choice in case you want to stay away from town life. The apartments allow tourists to interact with the locals since they are in place with the community unlike the resorts, which are secluded from the social community centers.

The dining culture of the people of Saint Vincent and Grenadines Island is natural. This means every dish you find in a restaurant or hotel is a product of the agricultural firms or the seafood resources from the surrounding ocean. Fish is in plenty and different desserts. The local cuisines are designed with the best nutritional diets considered.

The international hotel chains offer global standard desserts apart from the local cuisine. Drinks in the forms of sodas, beer, and wines are also in plenty. You can always find fine restaurants and hotels in the capital city of Kingstown and other well-up urban centers.
Being an adventurous island, touring Saint Vincent and Grenadines is fun and the experience is memorable. There are many things to do to maximize the use of your leisure time. Wow, your eyes with the natural beauty if the Montreal Gardens, see the Soufriere Volcano, enjoy hiking during the Vermont Nature Trail, discover the Arawak rock carvings, and sight-seeing various landmarks and historic sites within this island. The island also offers vibrant beaches for swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, and other varieties of water sports within its vicinity.