Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the Arabic countries located in the territory of the Arabian Peninsula. It is one of the Middle East states and it has three different coastlines: at the Indian Ocean, the Gulf Sea, and the Red Sea. It neighbors other Arabian countries: Jordan, Qatar, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia provides modern facilities and infrastructure. Riyadh is the capital city of the country. Saudi Arabia is a kingdom hence it is ruled by a monarchical government.

Enjoying the fun tour in Saudi Arabia is no longer hindered by distance. Saudi Arabia is a rich country, and it has richly invested in various means of transport to enable visitors from many parts of the world to reach this country. Using its four major international airports in Madinah, Dammam, Riyadh, and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia enables international transportation from countries even outside the Asian continent and farther continents to reach the country. Airlines that serve the across-the-border flights are the Saudia Airlines (national carrier), Gulf Airlines, and many airlines from Europe and Arabic states.

There is bus transport for people coming from Bahrain and Cairo provided by bus service companies called the SAPTCO and the Saudi-Bahraini Transport Company. Alternatively, you can choose to use a private car to enter Saudi Arabia from the eastern side using the border crossings connecting Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bahrain. From Sudan or Egypt, you can book for ferry transport to the coastal ports on the western side of Saudi Arabia. 

Saudi Arabia has a large population of top-notch hotels for meals and accommodation to its tourists. The hotel rooms are sufficiently equipped and spacious, including the hotels that are affordable even to the middle-class society. Other forms of accommodation offered are apartments and restaurants. The affordable hotel rooms can be found in cities supporting tourism activities like Al Abha, Madinah, Makkah, and Taif.

Saudi Arabia has a large experience in the food and hospitality sector. Mostly in the cities, you will find private, fast food joints and in some town centers. Restaurants are packed well and luxurious hotels can never be missed in this rich state. The popular fast joints you can find in Saudi Arabia are the Burger King, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, and Subway. If you want to have a taste of the local Saudi Arabian cuisine, then find a small joint and order for the shwarma kebab, fava stew, falafel, hummus salad, mandi chicken-rice meal, or the tabbouleh salad. One thing to note is a regulation restraining the drinking of alcohol with people of the same sex.

Saudi Arabia has a wide variety of attractions that are visited by tourists. One of them is the Al-Masjid al Nabawi mosque, which is a building established a long time ago by the prophet Muhammad. It is considered as the top holiest mosque in the country. The Al-Ula is an old site that was once a trading center many centuries ago. The Jamarat Bridge is a must to pass through and witness the strong engineering background of Saudi Arabia, and discover the unique flora and fauna species in the Jabal al-Lawz region.