The climate in Yemen is ever hot hence favorable for enjoying holidays because rains rarely appear in this state. Yemen is also blessed with large coastal beaches, and it has mountains that create a temperate climate to regions near them. Yemen is an Arabian country located at the southern side of the Arabian Peninsula, and it neighbors Arabia and Saudi Arabia. The capital city of Yemen is Sana’a, and its climate is temperate thanks to its high altitude.
There are four ways of getting into Yemen from another country. Many international flights take place between the capital city of Sana’a and the rest parts of the world. These airlines are Air Arabia, Yemeni Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Royal Jordanian Airlines, and Syrian Airlines. The Air Arabia connects Sana’a to Sharjah, Yemenia from Europe and Cairo, Turkish Airlines from Istanbul, Qatar Airlines from Doha, the Royal Jordanian Airlines from Amman, and Syrian Airlines from Syria. Two borders are using private car transport.
These are the border from Oman and Saudi Arabia. However, if you are afraid of your fuel finishing up due to the design of your vehicle, you can opt for available public buses in Salalah, but if you are a tourist and you would like to travel to the Indian Ocean coast you would be required to use an airplane to reach the coast since visitors are not allowed to travel from the Eastern border of Yemen to the west where Yemen’s coast of the Indian Ocean is situated. To explore the coastal feel, then board a passenger ferry in Djibouti, Ethiopia to arrive at any of the ports of Yemen.
Accommodation in Yemen is available in the cities but outside the city, the tourist rooms are equipped with only a few basic facilities. There is: a mattress spread on the floor and water supply in the bathrooms. The bathrooms are shared by many people since the rooms are likely not to be self-contained. Sana’a, the capital city has many star hotels like Sheraton, Movenpick, and Hilton Hotel.
The cuisine in Yemen is like that of other dry countries since it is in the same group of countries. You will meet many meaty dishes, soft drinks, fruit juices, and some other imported dishes from western culture. Alcohol is prohibited to Muslims, but non-Muslims can take alcohol and carry alcohol anywhere they move within Yemen.
Yemen bears a long history of ruling by kingdoms. This history has left it with many heritage sites like the Babel Yemen old city and the Dar al-Hadschar Palace. Other attraction sites include the Haraz mountains, the old, extensive Kawkaban fortress, Socotra Island, the mountain-top town of Al Mahweet, the old city of Sa’dah, the ancient city of Manakhah, Marib – the old capital city of the ancient Sabean Kingdom that is over two thousand years old, and the Bura Mountain that is blessed with all the kinds of healthy plant and animal species that can be found in Yemen. Bura has a wide coverage of forests.