Afghanistan is a territory that has faced thousands of years of empirical rule. The country is thus rich in heritage, and it has unique forms of attractive landscapes and wildlife species to explore, despite being landlocked from the coastline. It is in the center of the Asian continent and it neighbors Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Pakistan, and China. However, Afghanistan has experienced various forms of disturbances that have put the nation’s economy at stake. To cub this poverty state of the nation, the country itself is conducting a recovery process to make its economy stable. 
Afghanistan’s capital city, Kabul, is a major entry into the state because it bears the main international airport for the country. Kabul International Airport operates several international flights with the help of the national carrier, Ariana Afghan Airlines, and seven other different airlines. Ariana airlines deal with abroad destinations of Dubai, Delhi, Frankfurt, Islamabad, Baku, Tehran, and Istanbul. Kam Airlines operates between the capital city and: Delhi, Dubai, Istanbul, Mashad, and Almaty. Pamir Airways offers flights to Dubai only. Safi Airlines allow the Afghanistan people to reach European destinations apart from Dubai. Other airlines are the Pakistan International Airlines for Islamabad and Peshawar, Turkish Airlines for Istanbul, Iran Air for Tehran, and Air India for Delhi. 
There are several border routes to use for entering Afghanistan using a vehicle. The Khyber Pass is useful between Pakistan and Jalalabad in Afghanistan. Other border crossings are Quetta-Pakistan to Kandahar, Mashad-Iran to Heart, Uzbekistan to Mazar-e-Sharif, and Tajikistan to Kunduz in the northwest of Afghanistan. However, the border crossings are unsafe so you need security as you cross over them. Buses can be boarded at Peshawar-Pakistan and Mashad-Iran to arrive and Jalalabad. 
Spending your nights in Afghanistan is comfortable. Its hotels and guesthouses are fine with all accommodation facilities. They are affordable and reliable for all visitors. The hotels lack the complete global standards of the five-star hotels but they are still convenient and reliable.
Afghanistan is best known for its unique bread and rice dishes that never fail to include meaty diets. The country processes three types of bread: the Naan bread is oval-shaped, the Obi Nonbread is round and thicker than Naan, and the Lavash bead is the thinnest and it is used as a plate for serving food and can be eaten after the food on top of it is consumed.
Some of the attraction sites that are visited by tourists in Afghanistan are the Band-e Amir Lakes, the historic Khyber Pass that is between India and Afghanistan, the Panjshir Valley that is suitable for nature trekking, and the Anjuman Pass. Gardez Town is a mountainous town at a valley that is eating of Kabul. The historic sites are one of the globally recognized heritage sites. These sites are such as the Minaret of Jam, and the Buddhism structures in Bamiyan that lay as ruins as a result of destruction by the Taliban. The mosques in Afghanistan are so beautiful and well furnished that you would rather spend at least five minutes to experience the beautiful sights of the buildings.
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