Russia is officially known as the Russian Federation is the world’s largest country with an area of about 17075400 square kilometers. It is a federal semi presidential republic mad up of 83 federal subjects.  Russia’s two largest cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg receive direct flights from all leading European cities. Moscow house three international airports: Sheremetyevo in the northwest, Domodedovo in the south and Vnukovo in the south west of the city. 
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Some of the airlines operating direct and non stop flight to Russia include Transaero (from Toronto and Montreal, Canada to Moscow), Aeroflot (from New York, Washington and Los Angeles to Moscow), Delta (from New York and Atlanta to Moscow), United Airlines (from Washington to Moscow) and Singapore (from Houston to Moscow). From European capitals, the airlines are: Niki from Vienna international airport in Austria, air Berlin from Düsseldorf international airport in Berlin, Franz Josef airport in Munich and Stuttgart airport, Aegean Airlines from Athens’ Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport and Evolavia from Ancona (Raffaello Sanzio Airport.
Russian Railways connects Moscow and Saint Petersburg to all major European cities. There are ferry services for tourist who would love to enjoy the sea during summer. Many ferries depart from Vladivostok to Busan and many other Japanese ports.
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Russia offers a wide variety of accommodation facilities. Every city has its own set of accommodation facilities for visitors. Hotels around established tourist destinations and in big towns might be a little bit expensive for economy travelers. Those visitors considering to stay in Russia for a couple of weeks need not worry as they can cheaply rent a short term apartment from individuals or small companies that operate the business. This option also provides great autonomy and flexibility, for instance there is no strict checkout time as is the case with major hotels.
The premier tourist attraction to Russia is its rich history. The country is doted with numerous uniquely-attractive historical sites and monuments. Perhaps the best place to begin if you are into history is the Derbent which is Russia’s most ancient city. The Derbant is renowned for the legendary Gates of Alexander and the walled fortress.
Moscow-river-and-skyline-Russia-travel-photosWith such a impressive history museums in Russia are such great attractions since it is only through viewing artifacts from the past that you will truly have a glimpse into the past. The Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg is the most popular museum with tourists. The museum houses a huge collection contributed by Catherine the great and other notable Russians. The prestigious Winter Palace of the Romanov Dynasty, which now houses the collection is a delightful architectural masterpiece. Other great museums worth visiting includes the Russian military museums located in various places with the largest being the central Armed Forces Museum in Moscow.
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Yekaterinburg is also another famous tourist attraction. As the main border between Europe and Asia, Yekaterinburg is popular for its unique, photography talent.
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A visit to the world deepest and biggest lake by volume is an experience you will never forget. The beautiful lake Baikal often referred to the Pearl of Siberia is a wonderful destination for lovers of out door activities. Boat rides and hikes are among other many activities to keep you going.
Russia Map
Russia Map

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