The Republic of Lithuania is a country in Northern Europe. Its official language, Lithuanian, is one of only two still existing languages in the Baltic branch of the Indo-Europea. The largest airport in Lithuania is the Vilnius International Airport the other airports are Kaunas International Airport and Palanga International Airport. They connect Lithuania with other countries in Europe, America, and other continents. The Port of Klaipėda is the only port in Lithuania and serves the entire tourists who use the ferry services.
Traveling within Lithuania has an extensive network of motorways. For international travels by road, tourists in Warsaw- Russia, Kaunas and Riga can make use of the E67 main road to comfortably drive into Lithuania. Other major roads that can be used by tourists are the Major “Via Baltica” road which links Kaunas to Warsaw and Riga/Tallinn. 
Lithuania has a well-developed tourism hospitality industry. This includes many accommodation options ranging from magnificent hotels to simple cottages. The charges for accommodation depends more on the location of the facilities with those located in popular tourist hotspots such as the big cities and near famous tourist attraction is the most expensive.
Lithuania is home to some of Europe’s most unique attractions. To learn about history and culture it is recommended that you visit any of the several museums located in the capital Vilnius or the city of Kaunas. Some of the most important museums in Lithuania are the 1933 build Lithuanian Art Museum which is the largest museum of art conservation and display in Lithuania. The other museums include: Ciurlionis Art Museum, Great War Vytautas Museum, and Palanga Amber Museum that has a huge volume-display of beautiful amber items.
Parks also make up a great visit to while on holiday in Lithuania. The Aukštaitija National Park is the most popular national park in Lithuania, and visitors come to see the elk, deer, and wild boar and hike through the vast forests. Some of the pines in these forests have lived for up to 200 years the park is also an important bird’s area with numerous species of birds both rear and common once having been sported in the forest. With over 126 lakes and numerous streams in between them, the park is renowned as a great place for water sports. Another important park is the Dzūkija National Park with one of the biggest forests in Dainavos and a swamp in Čepkelių. Neighboring some old unique villages in the middle of the forests the park is a great place to go hiking.
A stroll along the streets of the country’s lovely capital, Vilnius, is a pleasant fun activity. The city boasts of unique architectural designs which are a mixture of gothic, renaissance, baroque and neoclassical buildings. Beautiful restaurants and café lay around to welcome anybody ready to enjoy the local unique cuisines. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania has a large shopping mall called the Akropolis Shopping center, which is an ideal modern place to do shopping while strolling around the town.