Romania is a famous country in the Balkan community of the European continent. Romania is situated in the northern part of the Balkan Peninsula and borders the Black Sea to the west. It boasts of diverse beautiful landscapes and a high cultural heritage. Romania is famous in international tourism and its tourism services are highly recommended. Romania has several cities with advanced infrastructures and good quality amenities, and its capital is the Bucharest City
Romania can be accessed by either air or railway transport. It has twelve international airports that serve flights between Romania and other parts of the world. The Henri Coanda Airport in Bucharest operates flights between Bucharest City and other local cities as well as the nations in Europe and the Middle East. Aurel Vlaicu Airport serves flights to and from Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and Tunisia. Tourists in Prague, Munich, Budapest, Sofia, Thessaloniki, Istanbul, Moscow, Kyiv, Chisinau, Vienna, Venice and Zagreb can board international European trains, like the EuroCity Trains, to alight at Bucharest’s train station in Romania. 
There are many hotels and guesthouses in offer for tourists visiting Romania. Most hotels can be found in major cities of Bucharest, Iasi, Brasov and Cluj-Napoca. It is advisable to secure a room in any of the hotels, preferably online, to avoid the unnecessary hustle for a room when it is too late since many tourists visit Romania. As for the guesthouses, tourists will have to contact the association of guesthouse owners of Romania to choose a nice, desirable guesthouse for the holiday period. 
Interact with the unique natural world of Romania in the Retezat National Park. This park has a beautiful landscape and varieties of vegetation cover. It is also famous for being the station for one f the largest lakes in Romania: Lake Bucura. 
Historic sites in Romania include the Premier Church that was established during the medieval era, the Suceava Fortress, and many monasteries still standing and long preserved for many centuries. The Premier Church is among the important heritage sites recorded in the UNESCO list of heritage sites. 
Witness the largest man-made creations in Romania. Vuidraru Lake is an unimaginable feature of man’s ability to create such a huge lake here on earth. The scene around the lake is beautiful with dining areas and boat riding facilities at the lake. 

The most stunning attractive feature in Romania is the huge rock that assumes the structure of a human head. The Roman Sphinx is one of the wonders of the world because its formation may be supported by many myths but its geographical formation is still unclear. The Romanian Sphinx remains a mystery and a major attraction of Romania.

Turzil Gorges are enormous natural features. They are preserved and protected as a nature reserve. Their cliffs are very high with sharp edges.

Visit Romania’s huge concert hall known as the Romanian Athenaeum. This place hosts various concerts. Visitors can time for specific concerts to get a chance to view the artistic talent of the Romanian people.
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