Jamaica – Caribbean Paradise Island

Jamaica is one of the island countries of the Caribbean. It shares a long history especially the colonial period that changed the racial population of the island to the African majority we see today. Jamaica was once a British colony. It was one of the spots where slavery was intense. The Europeans used to transport African from West Africa and bright them to Jamaica either to work or even to be sold. This is the reason for the high population of people of African descent. 
 However, there are other races like the Asian descent that dwell in Jamaica. Jamaica became an independent state in 1962. It is an economically thriving nation with well-laid infrastructure, a hard-working population, friendly people, and famous artwork like Reggae music. Jamaica has numerous, beautiful natural sites to adventure, glorious biodiversity, and a rich heritage shown by their preserved historic site, their culture, and regular festivities.
Landscape attractions in Jamaica are too many to mention so you have to be prepared for days of adventure into this lively nation of Jamaica. One of the sites you would have to visit is the high Ocho Rios Dunns Waterfalls situated on the northern coast of Jamaica. Meet the wild caves of the Green Grotto on your to Montego Bay, which were one of the hideouts for pirates of the Caribbean (of the past) and was also used as a venue to shoot a part of the James Bond Series. 
Discover the Discovery Bay that was the first place of landing in Jamaica by the famous explorer, Christopher Columbus, who discovered most of the American Continent. See the Martha Brae River in the eastern direction from the bay of Montego. Ever heard of the Doctor’s Cave Beach? This beautiful beach is at Montego Bay, search for the beach among other beaches found at the bay. It is a popular spot at Montego.
Jamaica is a place to have all the fun and laughter whenever and wherever. There so many activities that you will never find yourself bored while enjoying your holidays. If you like biking on the road, then you can always move from one place to another using your motorbike, scooters, or bicycles. You can optionally ride on your private car or hire a taxi or the organized tour rides to move around and familiarize yourself with Jamaica. 
Enjoy snorkeling in the marine park at Montego Bay by viewing the stunning natural marine environment of the sea through the glass-bottom of the boats. Pass over the beach to dive, sail, or even surf along the waves of the Caribbean. The sunshine is plenty to bask in while resting on the sandy beach.
Clubs are many at the beach so you can indulge yourself in the partying vibe of Jamaica in any of the clubs like the Margueritaville of Montego and Negril Clubs where you will enjoy dancing gin the booming music and receive fine drinks and dishes to party with. When you visit Jamaica in the first month of every New Year, you will be lucky to find the Jamaican culture in action through festivities such as The Curry Festival, Heritage Festival, and The Accompong Maroon Festival.
Accommodation is abundant and high quality. You will find many exquisite restaurants, beach resorts, and lodges to dine in and rest. Most of these accommodation facilities have their websites where you can book a room early before you land in Jamaica and everything else will be fully prepared for your comfort while staying in Jamaica.