Komodo Island, Indonesia

Komodo Island is the only place to find a long-lived giant species believed to have existed even in the pre-historic era of the dinosaurs. If you picture the body of the tiny, cream, lizards you see climbing along the wall of your countryside house, extending to three meters of length and its weight increase over the fifty kilograms level and with scales all over its body. Now you can imagine this kind of monster existing on the planet in this modern era, meaning the pre-historic era was able to preserve the dinosaur lizard through the ages to this day and this monster species would still survive in the next thousands of years. 
This rare species described is the largest, ghostly form of the lizard called Komodo Lizard, scientifically claimed to be the descendants of the giant lizards that existed millions of years ago. Thus Komodo is the only island that could preserve this lizard species throughout the years and has thus become a popular tourist destination to international tourists. 
This uniqueness has attracted more expenses from the Indonesian government to invest heavily in preserving this natural resort and add more icing to the cake by supporting other tourist activities like diving, sailing, surfing, powerboat riding and guided nature trek tours in the island and nearby islands.
Komodo Island was discovered by Dutch sailors in the early twentieth century without any form of human inhabitance. The Dutch sailors reported to their homeland island, Flores, to have seen a monster in a small island of the Less Sunda Islands with a long huge body and a mouth that spit out fire. 
This followed with a Dutch administrative official moving into the island with armed soldiers and successfully killed one of the dragons and presented the dead monster for people to witness its existence. Another of the dragon was killed and taken for botanical tests which led to the mysterious creature being named the Komodo dragon or the Komodo monitor.
The Komodo Island dazzles with amazing natural beauty and the surrounding lavish blue Ocean. The giant Komodo lizards are the major attraction animal species on the island and the first reason for tourists visiting Komodo Island. However other spots impress as much as this rare animal species. The beautiful coral reefs, the mangrove plants, and the sandy beaches give the complete magnificent, beach serene. Visit the marine to view thousands of species of fish, corals and sponges, and more than ten species of whales, dolphins, and turtles. 
Komodo adventures are accompanied by tours and many fun activities. There are Komodo Tours that take tourists to the Komodo Island and the neighboring Flores Island and East Nusa Tenggara Island. Flores Island is filled with splendid natural beauty and uniquely diverse marine species. Here you will enjoy a variety of sports activities like diving, trekking along the forests of the island, fishing in the sea and scuba diving to meet exotic marine environment. Accommodation facilities are available in resorts, hotels, and restaurants in nearby islands offering quality hospitality services and local unique delicious cuisine.