Kitzbuhel, Austria

Kitzbuhel is a beautiful resort and a major tourist attraction in the Tyrolean part of Austria. It has many historic attraction sites and its diverse landscape speaks a lot of its natural beauty. Kitzbuhel, as history claims, was once inhabited over a thousand years ago by native communities who used to trade in copper that they mined from the region. An ancient village is known to have existed in the twelfth century and was called Chizbuhel, which was under the governance of the leader of Bavaria as at that period. However, four centuries down the line, the Romans snatched away the Chizbuhel territory from Bavaria and put it under the territory of Tyrol where Kitzbuhel is currently situated. 
Kitzbuhel is a location popularly known in the world as an international sport event center with many different professional sports taking place in it. There is a massive athletics field, long kilometers cycling trails, tennis courts among other sporting games held in it. This is one of the reasons for Kitzbuhel receiving thousands of tourists visiting the resort.
Kitzbuhel is a mountainous region with lots of beautiful, natural features to be seen including the forests, green vegetation, and the breath-taking arena at the Pillersee Lake next to Loferer Steinberg. Hinterobenau Farm House is an old structure of the sixteenth century preserved to show the culture of living that was prevalent during the ancient period. A stone wall can be found surrounding the town. This wall and its gate, Jochberger Tor, were built in the twelfth century as a protection for the old Kitzbuhel Town. Liebfrauenkirche, an old church with a square tower is also a historic site worth to be visited. This church shows a lot of the historical events of the church recorded in the documentary of the church itself. 
Visit the ancient showcases of items, Kitzbuhel history, and artistry at the Old Kitzbuhel Hall Museum. South of Kitzbuhel Old Town are the remains of an ancient castle of the sixteenth century where the Dukes of Bavaria used to dwell. South of Old Kitzbuhel Town is a seventeenth-century Schloss Kaps mansion, which reveals much of the historic culture shown by the contents within the rooms of the building.
Touring Kitzbuhel is fun and no one gets bored along the way because many activities take place to cheer you up whenever you visit Kitzbuhel Town Resort. During the summer season, many tourists flock at the elegant Schwarzsee Lake to swim and bask in the sun. There is cable car riding cross deep valleys of the mountainous region from one peak to another, so you are going to learn to avoid the fear of heights. Enjoy trekking along the established walking rails, cycling along the cycle routes, horse-riding, ice-skating, play tennis at the tennis courts and watch movies in theatres. Be puzzled by the magicians of the city as they entertain you with their magic tricks. There are many more activities than the mentioned thus any holiday in Kitzbuhel is a joy-filled holiday.