Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia is a nation whose name is commonly mentioned in the global tourism sector. It has many tourist attractions and rich in heritage. In one of the islands of Indonesia is the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta City. It has a highly modernized culture with five-star hotels, restaurants, clubs, and efficient shopping centers. Jakarta has its international airport thus is the main door into the Indonesian paradise. The Jakarta Bay has many small islands to separate you from the city and enjoy the freshness, cool breeze, and sunny weather at the beaches in the islands.
Jakarta was a harbor port of the Java Kingdom of Pajajaran in the fourteenth century. A Muslim ruler known as Fatahilklah challenged the Java Kingdom. He succeeded conquering the kingdom hence renaming the harbor Jayakarta meaning the city of victory. The Dutch came in and fought with the Muslims who failed with the achievement of Jakarta independence in 1945 by the Indonesians. 
When you visit Jakarta today, you will find several historical sites, ancient-life and monuments. To mentions just a few of the popular sites are the National Monument symbolizing the Indonesians’ struggle to achieve their independence, the museum at the base of the National Monument, the huge Stiqal Mosque, the traditional culture of Jakarta in Condet Village and Indonesia’s National Museum at Jalan. 
Many natural features in Jakarta contribute as one of the world’s magnificent sites. Witness the majestic Gede and Pangrango volcanoes. Visit the national parks and reserves like the Jakarta Safari Park to meet some of the rarest wild animals like the tigers, rhinoceros, and bears. Participate in nature walks along the forests to meet a beautiful ecosystem of unique species of plants, animals, and birds living there. You can join in the camping trail if you like it or you would love to try it out. 
Pulau Bidadari, Pulau Ayer, Pulau Laki, and Pulau Putri are some of the optional beaches to stop by and have fun in the sunny weather and the golden sands. These beaches are in the Pulau Seribu group of islands at the Jakarta Bay. There are so many activities to indulge in that you will find yourself busy enjoying yourself. Ride on a horse, dive into the Indian Ocean, surf along the blowing oceanic waves, make or buy a kite to fly, and even travel into the snorkeling region to view the widespread species of plants and sea creatures. Surely, there is nothing to miss out on the islands of Jakarta. 
Jakarta has world-class accommodation and varieties to choose from. There are the executive beach resorts, holiday houses, quality hotels, lodges, and restaurants. Cool mountain resorts like Bogor, Puncak, Sukabumi, and Bandung. Some clubs operate all night long. The dishes are unique and rich in delicacy. Cultural dances are held occasionally in some hotels. You just have to book a room in one of the accommodation facilities available, pay their affordable fees, and begin to settle for the adventures in Jakarta.