Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the most developed and richly commercial port city in the world. It has international businessmen and tourists visiting the region nonstop. Its high quality in services and exotic accommodation facilities tops it as the highly significant tourism destination. The culture of its people is hospitable and friendly. Dubai also houses various attraction sites and presents its richness in heritage. 
Dubai was born through a fishing village that was famous for providing the valuable pearl mineral. The village was improved into a trading center. The excavation of oil in the area strengthened its financial position, which then enabled it to rise into one of the globally based important business centers and financed the expansion of its tourism sector.
There are many natural features on the Dubai land that contribute to nature’s magnificent sites. Witness the large and long Dubai Water Creek that ends at the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. The large Burj Dubai and Jumeirah Lakes, as well as the large river meanders in the region. Take a stroll in the beautiful green parks. Al Hamriya Park is favorable for children activities. The Safa Park is the largest green park with unique designs of plant shapes and sizes and thick green vegetation.
Dubai is a tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates, where varieties of migratory bird species such as the flamingoes, hoopoes, kingfishers, and Indian Rollers are found. In the Persian Gulf waters there exist thousands of species of marine animals of all sizes. Some of the land wild animals to find are the desert fox, sand cats, falcons, snakes, and many species of the lizard. 
Dubai region is historically known to have been involved in various events that occurred hundreds of years ago. These happenings left important marks, which have been renovated to show the real picture of the past. The Fahidi Fort is an old fort built in the eighteenth century. Take a visit to the Al Qusaia Graveyard which was established before the calendar counting days. Find out the pre-historic facts about the Dubai region from the Hatta Archaeological Site. The Jumeirah Archaeological site contains fossils dating back to the seventh century.
The Bahamas, Bali, Belize, and Brasil are the popular tourist attractions on the coast. Here many fun activities are enjoyed. There is scuba diving, snorkeling into the Persian Gulf to stay close to and view the beautiful ecosystem in the ocean. Rest on the white and black volcanic sands of the beach while the sun spices up your body muscles to relax. Surf along the waves of the Persian Gulf. These coastal beach points are the ideal points to relax and be free from the hustle and bustle of the city life.
Dubai provides world-class hospitality and accommodation services for its visitors. There are can luxurious hotels that you can dine in and spend your night. In the oasis next to the mainland beach there is the magnificent, boat-like shaped tallest building in the world that serves as a top-notch luxurious hotel known as the Burj Al-Arab Hotel, a settlement point for only wealthy visitors who can pay its high accommodation and hospitality fees.