Halkidiki (Chalkidiki), Greece

Made to impress the earth with its incredible feature from above the sky, its fertile land with plenty of green vegetation and its active history of past famous events and personalities, Halkidiki Island is a place to tour in when you have an opportunity to live in the wise, long-lived state of Greece. People call it the paradise of Greece hence exploring this exotic island is a must. 
Halkidiki or in other pronunciation terms, Chalkidiki, is a large port city. It is blessed to be located in the lower stretch of the island among the three finger-islands protruding from the mainland. Life in Halkidiki is vibrant with lots of recreational activities and tours around the island among others.
In the archives of the involving history of Greece, Halkidiki port region was initially habited by two politically organized communities called the Pelasgians and the Thracks more than six thousand years ago. Over forty centuries later, the Halkidiki tribe moved into the regions in larger masses of people than the local two communities. Thus, the region was commonly known as the Halkidiki town. As the population grew, urban centers started to emerge. The oldest centers formed in this period were: Gigonos, Potidala, Sani, Mendi, Skioni, Neapolis, Afitis and Aineia. Four centuries later, Christian Religion has embraced thanks to Apostle Paul as he was heading to Thessaloniki, Greece’s capital city.
Today, the inhabitants of Halkidiki respect all Christian values, their historic background, and their cultural language, Chalkidiki-Greek, a Greek language with some influence of the former Chalkidiki language. Livestock-keeping and fruit farming are some of their common economic activities. The Halkidiki Greeks are fond of the customary and religious activities passed down through thousands of years.
Halkidiki is a fantastic geographical region. There are several mountains with beautiful vegetation. At its north part is the Cholomontas Mountain ranges. Most of its land area is covered with popular tree species like the pine, and the beech trees that naturally flourish in the Mediterranean climate of the port region. Apart from the northern side, the rest part of Halkidiki also has mountains namely the Holomondas, Hortiatis, and the Stratoniko Mountains.
Halkidiki has several fun beach points to enjoy the sunny weather and the coastal waters. The Yerakini Beach, the Neis Maramrs Beach, and Nikiti Beach are among the lively beach points in the area. Enjoy various water sports like swimming and surfing, volleyball, and sunbathe along the beach as you watch the beautiful landscape and the twinkling sea dancing in the reflection of the sun. Indulge yourself into the marine environment by snorkeling underneath the sea to meet and admire the colorful beautiful sea animals and plantations. There is much to see and enjoy at the Halkidiki coast.
Halkidiki Port offers various accommodation options and facilities for its visitors. There are several hotels, beach resorts, restaurants and spas and holiday houses to relax and continue the adventuring of the island region. The hospitality services are friendly and highly rated, with unique savoring dishes of recipes that are globally adored by world-class chefs all over the world.