Mexico City, Mexico

With a sufficient economy, well established modern infrastructure, and wide varieties of attraction sites plus a rich Mexican heritage, Mexico City is one of the popular destinations that everyone in the world has to visit to experience the amazing Mexican life. Mexico City is the capital of the Republic of Mexico and can be found in Mexico Valley. Mexico is among the five top most populated cities in the world. Mexico City is blessed with fine natural beauty and several historic sites that trace the history of the lovely Mexican people. 
Before the Mexican valley became a populous city, the valley was originally occupied by a native Indian community. The Aztecs reached the valley but were chased away by the community and forced to live next to Lake Texcoco. This is where the Aztec created their city, Tenochtitlan, and continued to enlarge while occupying many islands near the lake region. The Spanish invaded this city in the sixteenth century and colonized the city after sending away the Aztecs.
Cortes, a Spanish ruler then built a Spanish city in the same valley, which he named “Mexico”. However, after three centuries of the native’s struggle for independence from Spain, Mexico gained its independence and was freed from Spain rule in 1821. In the present, many historic sites prove these past events. There is a colorful Spanish colonial city that still lies in Mexico, the Spanish council building that dates back to between the sixteenth and the eighteenth centuries.
Mexico City promises numerous beautiful sites to impress its visitors as well as its dwellers that wake up every morning to see the brilliant beauty of the city. El Ajusco National Park which southeast of the city is a place to enjoy many fun activities, meet many wild animal and plant species like the oak and pine tree forests and a capable camping site at Valle de la Cantimplora. The Alameda Central Park is an old historic center that marks important historic events such as the struggle for liberty against the Spanish colonialism, and still maintains structures established in the sixteenth century.
There are many theme parks in this large city that whenever residents are free they can still enjoy life in them. The largest theme park is Chapultepec has a big interesting wildlife zoo, a park with roller coasters, and many other fun equipment that keep the jovial spirit still burning in the serene of this theme park. Check out the art museums in Coyoaxan to view wonderful artwork from legendary artists like Diego Rivera in the Anahucacalli Museum. Discover famous archaeological materials of the ancient native communities and many other pre-historic artifacts in the National Museum of Anthropology.
There is a lot of fun in Mexico City. There are things that any visitor can do to enjoy the stay in this great city is to take a guided trip around Mexico City to familiarize themselves with the city. Visit the theme parks, watch movies in the theaters, and go to clubs to party with your colleagues and friends, go camping in the national park, and many water sport activities waiting aboard at the beaches near the city.
Mexico City has many large hotels that offer many spacious, well-equipped rooms for visitors to the city. The hotels have a luxurious lifestyle to live in with high-quality sap treatment services to keep visitors comfortable hence appreciate the hospitality. They offer special dining services with a wide variety of delicious Mexican cuisine like the colorful and tasty margaritas and fajitas.
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