Nessebar, Bulgaria

Nessebar is a title of the large beach resort at the Coast of Bulgaria in the province of Burgas. Nessebar bears the light of important historic events hence is considered as a heritage center for Bulgaria. Nessebar has several beaches to enjoy many water sports and every other fun activity under the summer sun. The natural surroundings are undoubtedly splendid and worth to be paid a visit. 
Most of the historic sites in Nessebar are churches whose buildings date back as far as the thirteenth century. The well preserved Bishop Residence is the oldest building I the area. Other churches are: Saint Ivan Baptist Church of the thirteenth century and the lovely, decorated church of Saint Stefan.
Sunny Beach is an attractive beach with golden sands and a strict project of keeping the beach clean. It is one of the best beaches in the area of Nessebar. This beach is full of all kinds of fun from the sailing, surfing, diving and water skiing to the clubbing spots. The restaurants and hotels are within the vicinity to enjoy the delicious Bulgarian cuisine. And access available and well-equipped accommodation facilities like cottages, villas, apartments and holiday houses.
The Aladja Monastery and Stone forests are amazing sites that can be explored on the famous tour trip of Varna that begins from Nessebur Town.
Burgas City is a door to the culture of the native community of the area. Here there is an interesting history to be told. The lifestyle has several marks of the ancient culture of the community. There are cultural stylistic dances offered during the International Folklore Festival held in this city.
Albena City next to Nessbur territory is also a place to visit because it has additional attractions to those of Nessebar. Baltata Forest is a nature place to trek around, breathe the fresh air and find beautiful species of plants and birds that make up the beautiful and natural scenery of the forest.
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The fun in Nessebar beach gets bigger and bigger wit many activities such as discovering the archaeological sites and their artifacts preserved in the museums that clearly create the real picture of pre-historic Nessebar region. Scuba diving at the marinas gives the direct glimpse of the splendid marine environment of the Black Sea. Trek in the city of Nessebar and treat yourself in the restaurants and hotels of the city with the special cuisine of the natives of the area apart from the international dishes professionally offered in those dining centers.
You can get a portrait picture of yourself at the boulevard at an affordable fee by the skillfully talented artists. Camping is also a common activity in Nessebur beach in the camp sites for camp lovers. The beaches are open to bask in the quenching, summer sun, dive into the sea, surf and sail in the sea as well.
Nessebar Beach

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