Tokelau, New Zealand

Though a secluded territory in the West Pacific Ocean, Tokelau has managed to gain one of the top positions of tourist destinations in the Polynesia region of the West Pacific Ocean. Tokelau group of atolls can be found roughly between New Zealand and Hawaii. Tokelau is a lowly populated territory with its number remaining to less than 1500 inhabitants.
Getting to Tokelau is not easy. The island neither has an airport nor a coastal port to facilitate movement between the territory and other islands and states. The only mends of transport used to reach the atolls are by amphibious or by boat-riding to the atolls. Finding a place to sleep in Tokelau can be a great challenge. Tokelau has a few numbers of hotels, resorts, and guesthouses. The hotel in the atoll area is known as Luana Liki Hotel, the resort is Falefa Resort and the guesthouse is Fliti Lopa Guesthouse. They have modernized facilities and respectable hospitality services.
Tokelau Tourist Attractions
Nukunonu is one of the atolls of Tokelau. It is the hugest atoll of the three atolls. It has a population of less than five hundred residents. It has good natural features like the landscape terrain, the small forest and the beaches at the location of two main hotels in the atoll. Nukunonu is also the capital for the government activities that take place at the Tokelau atolls region. The architectural qualities of the buildings and structures of the government are unique and a must to be visited.
Fakaofo Atoll is another atoll of the Tokelau group. It also has an attractive landscape with beautiful natural vegetation cover. Sydney Island is located in the Nukunonu atoll chain. The atoll is known to be the property of an individual, Mr. Luciano Perez. Luciano built the exotic Luana Liki Hotel in the atoll.
Tokelau’s beaches are countable with white sands and the warm green waters of the Pacific Ocean. The beaches are very lively with many water sports such as swimming into the diving ocean sites, motor-boat riding, and snorkeling in the snorkel parks to get a pure glimpse pf the glamorous marine life around the Tokelau atolls. Some beaches have lagoon features that can be used as swimming sites. The lagoons are beautiful and people feel safe enjoying themselves in the lagoons. Some of the lagoons are safe for enjoying the fun watersport activities.
Tokelau has amazing attractions in Nukunonu Island. Tourists can take a stroll around the main streets of the towns, buy items and even treat themselves to unique local delicacies in the local restaurants and hotels in town. It is an amazing place which brings tourists from around the world every year. There are boat trips around the atolls. The owner of Nukunonu Island and Sydney Island, Mr. Luciano Perez, conducts the boat trips after visitors have paid for petrol for moving around the islands to view the beautiful scenery and the surrounding blue turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean.