Mendoza, Argentina

Traveling through the beautiful Argentine wine country to some of the most prestigious wineries you will come up to the land of good sunshine and good wine- Mendoza, where winemaking is introduced by European settlers in the 19th century. The recreational center of Argentina’s Cuyo region serves as a starting point for all kinds of adventure activities and high country sports, such as mountaineering, climbing, and ski, as well as river rafting.
Wine is one of Argentina’s most sought-after products, and you can go straight to the heart of this wine country, the city which provides the highest altitudes at which wines are produced from the local grapes with good quality is Mendoza. Visitors may go around several wineries tasting the wines produced at Mendoza and which have made this region famous worldwide. A relaxing vacation in Mendoza wine country is an unforgettable experience for your senses, you might visit the best vineyards in the world. One of the best companies in Mendoza, which is American property The Wines of Mendoza, is working with a modern Wine Tasting Room and Info Center in Mendoza. 
Many of the wineries in the Mendoza region produces world-renowned wines, so most of the tourists who are coming to Mendoza have a chance to get in touch close to the barrels with wines, recipes, and techniques of making good wine, the equipments and grapes. The Catena family became one of the largest vineyard holders in Mendoza; Dr. Nicolas Catena introduced modern European winemaking and techniques to Argentina and around the world. The well-known Nicolas Catena Zapata which is a very popular wine-producing company in the U.S.A is the owner of the most recognizable vineyards in the Mendoza region, Mayan Temple called La Pirámide.  If you want to pass and visit the whole territory with vineyards, you might rent a car in any of the many rent a car companies or you can hire a private car and driver that will take you wherever you want.
Where to Stay and Eat: 
A relaxing vacation in Mendoza wine country is an unforgettable experience for your senses. Mendoza offers two excellent places to enjoy in your stay there located near Chacras de Coria, one of these places is the most popular hotel in Mendoza from the ’50s and ’60s, The Nuevo Hotel San Francisco, which was renovated by the new owners and now it is elegant, cozy place with a wine cellar with special Mendoza blends, a semi-Olympic-size pool, and beautiful gardens. Prices for booking are USD 70 for a night.
The second most popular place is Finca Adalgisa, it’s a peaceful place on a small private vineyard, where you can enjoy on the guesthouses with rural charm, and a glass of good wine near fireplace the feeling is magical. You can book rooms for $100. The famous Argentine chef Francis Mallman who is the owner of restaurants in Uruguay named Punta Del Este and in the United States, The Hamptons restaurants, had a special restaurant in Mendoza. Escorihuela restaurant is located inside of the old winery, built-in 1884. When tourists come to this restaurant with iron gates, the marble floors, and plush furnish they are fascinated by its beauty and they completely enjoy the evenings there.
The City of Mendoza is the most significant in the area of Cuyo and is the capital of the province with the same name, it is one of the most gorgeous and tidy cities in the country. Nestled in the foothills of the Andes Mountain Range, it gives shape to an unbelievable oasis made by man with the help of the Mendoza and Tunuyán Rivers. Mendoza is connecting Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile, and its land extends at 148.827 km2.
The environment and the climate of this tourist destination guarantee relaxation and recreation. The visitors easily can be accustomed to climate conditions, because it is a moderate-temperate climate where the days are very hot and nights are fresh. “Pebbly soil” is the meaning of Mendoza and the provinces San Juan, San Luis, and La Rioja. The climate conditions, the most prestigious wineries in the Mendoza area, its natural beauty, its museums, cafés, squares, institutions, and public buildings will make you this place to be your next touristic destination and Mendoza will have that pleasure to be your host.