New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a French state consisting of islands, an archipelago and islets namely: Grande Terre Island that is the largest, Loyalty Islands, Belep Archipelago, and some islets. This state is located in the southwest region of the Indian Ocean bordering Australia to the east. Its capital city is Noumea on the main island of Grand Terre. New Caledonia has starred in the tourism global sector for many years and also today it is still famous for its diverse islands and oceanic climate that is pleasant to enjoy the summer holidays.
Mount Panie is the highest point of the whole New Caledonia. Here many indigenous species of plants can be found growing in the mountain’s region. Mountain climbing is a common activity at Mount Panie. South of the capital city of Noumea is another mountain, the Dore Mountain, which has a diverse landscape surrounding it. At the mountain, there are large forests, valleys, freshwater springs, and the golden reflection of the setting sun onto the mountain during the evening hours, thus it is famously known as the Golden Mountain.
Isle of Pines is a significant isle among the islets constituting New Caledonia. This isle can be access only by ferry that arrives at its Kuto Bay. There are many discoveries to be explored in the isle. The colonial region of tensile is a historic site to find out about the history of Kunie Island. The forest is impressive and a nice place to hike and meet with other plant species and birds dwelling in the region. A visit to the village of Via Vao showcases the real culture of the Caledonia people to the visitors.
Back in Grande Terre Island are the gorgeous Dumba Gorges that hold never be surpassed. Here there is a beautiful waterfall surrounded by a forest. A visit to one of the remote islets, the Duck Island Islet reveals the rich beautiful marine environment at New Caledonia. Here tourists find various species of fish and aquatic plants that form a unique marine paradise waiting to be seen.
New Caledonia activities include the sight-see tours around the islands both by land and cruise tours, hiking in the forests, snorkeling in the marinas to come into contact with the marine paradise of the coast, a cultural tour to the Via Vao Village to find out about the culture of the Caledonia people, skiing in the massive lagoon feature at Noumea, and other leisure past timers like swimming, water-skiing, and surfing in the Indian Ocean at the coasts of the islands. There are many accommodation options in New Caledonia, which include nice beach resorts, apartments, and exotic hotels with highly regarded hospitality, offering many different local delicious cuisine and international dishes.
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