Ponza & the Pontine Islands, Italy

Italy has some of the most attractive tourist attractions in Europe. From great metropolitan cities to perfect getaway destinations. One of the most interesting travel destinations in the Pontine archipelago is Ponza. It is the main island on the archipelago and offers hundreds of unforgettable tourist attractions that will keep you busy and amazed at all the time you will spend there. This beautiful place is a paradise for tourists seeking peace and relaxation. Being well separated by the mainland, its a good reason to be not so visited and popular destination for mass tourism. Maybe that is the main reason why this island remained a gorgeous natural tourist destination.


Since Ponza is not so crowded tourist place, you will be able to feel this Mediterranean jewel in peace and tranquility. Maybe the examples we have presented you in the text above gives the idea that Ponza is an undiscovered island. Being in this part of Europe is a reason enough that this would be impossible, so the thing is that this is a modern place with a great intact nature, lots of historical marks all over the island and a perfect summertime escape that offers peace and relaxations away from the busy destinations such as Milan or Rome.

When you are going to Ponza, it is most likely you will get there by boat. This will allow you to feel the sea and enjoy the great Mediterranean climate and enjoy the perfect summer air. You can always rent some small boat which will make your traveling on the island so much easier and let you go and visit the grottoes or coves that are not accessible by land, swim in places with no people at all, work on your tan and enjoy the peace and beauty provided by the mother nature.
Bars and restaurants are working in a fast rhythm, and by sunset everyone there is going for the evening passeggiata at Corso Pisacane, the place that is a prime venue to the ritual. Here you will be able to visit the great local bars and enjoy the great peaceful atmosphere, drink a great Italian wine or any kind of strong or soft drinks. Restaurants are very comfortable and modern, serving all kinds of Italian food and their delicious specialties. With the warm and friendly native people welcoming all tourists, visiting Ponza will become your second home where you will always wish to come back.
Photo by Italy Review

Locals say that the best months for visiting Ponza are the shoulder months of May, June, and September. They say that at this period the island is shining. While you are there another thing you should do, is visiting the nearest two islands called Palmarola and Zannone. If you take a boat you will be on each of them in about half an hour. They are offering some of the best attractions in the region. Palmarola reminds on some of the most attractive Caribbean islands with its perfect coves and grottoes that are intact and visited by not so many tourists that are looking for peace and loneliness. Zannone is the other island that represents a nature reserve with amazing quiet hikes, beautiful forests, and wild sheep running free all over the place.

Ponza is the only island together with the island called Ventonene that can offer regular ferry connections and possibilities for accommodation. Hotels are of good quality and not so expensive when you know that the competition is not so big yet. All the other islands can be visited only by boat, with organized boat trips, and enjoy the beauty they are offering. In any case, the biggest attraction at the Pontine archipelago is Ponza. This Island is offering so many swimming opportunities and you will be able to feel that in its best if you hire a boat. In that way you will be able to go where you like and experience the places that are not reachable by land.