Things to do in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is one of the best travel destinations in the northern part of Europe offering a huge choice of things to do. This Scandinavian city is always offering something new, it is full of surprises and discoveries. If you compare it to Rome or Paris, Stockholm has a calm and cliched image. Some people call it the “Venice of the north” since water covers one-third of the city area. This beautiful city hosts the annual Nobel prize ceremony and attracts many tourists with all the cultural events going on in there.
  There are many attractions and things to do in Stockholm that make this city one of the most popular Scandinavian destinations. Most of them are from a cultural character, but many other things will make your stay very pleasant and hard to forget. Some of the most famous attractions are the echoing rooms of the Royal Palace, we can mention the 150 old buildings that were reconstructed and look amazing in the new shape.
The awesome winding cobbled streets of Gamla Stan are some of the interesting attractions in Stockholm that attract lots of tourists from all around the world. Also, another interesting thing in Stockholm is the magnificent big warship from the 17th century that was restored at Vasamuseet. These are some of the main sights in the city which are most interesting and every visitor should see. Among all of these tourist attractions, you can enjoy the perfect landscape, visit the perfectly clean and organized parks etc.
Many travelers find Stockholm a beautiful city. The feedback this Scandinavian gem is getting is impressive. Stockholm is a modern metropolitan with great hotels, good shopping offers, restaurants in the city are all over and offering national food and all kind of other famous cuisines. Nightlife in here is quite busy. Nightclubs are always full of people that love to party, bars offer all kinds of strong drinks, beer, and beautiful wine. Where Stockholm comes into its own, however, is its sheer natural beauty.
Stockholm lays on 14 islands and it comes out to the Baltic Sea. There are two ways that we recommend that are the best if you want to see the most of the city. The first one is on foot, this way you will be able to take a look at all the monuments and buildings that are making this city special. This way is perfect and will allow you to see most of the wondrous sites in the city. The other way is by boat. You can rent one and enjoy the beauty of Scandinavia’s largest city. This way you will get a different facet of the city. The best way to be sure of the natural beauty of the city is if you try the morning stroll in Djurgarden during summer, or visit Hagaparken, the place that will offer peace and tranquility moments just for yourself.
Stockholm is the city that is the window to Sweden. It is the city with the most attractions and the city that has the most visitors in the country. With more foreign visitors than any other city in Scandinavia it is also considered to be the Capital of Scandinavia. It is the most beautiful from all the other cities there for sure. Stockholm is located at the point where the vast Lake Mälaren is into the Baltic Sea and was built on this very important spot in the mid 13th century.
Maritime life is a very important aspect of the city because one-third of the city is covered by water. You will so many great looking bridges and marinas that make the city look amazing. One of the most interesting things about the water is that you can drink it in the city area. The sea winds are affecting the temperature in the city, so even in the warmest summer, you will still feel the breeze from the winds. Some people find this as a perfect reason to go and spend their summer vacation in Stockholm.