Albania is a unique state in the European continent. This humble country has given enough attention to its tourism sector that has enabled it to be one of the major tourist destinations in the European continent. Albania has a lot to offer to its tourists including its diverse natural beauty, rocky and a bit sandy beaches, historical sites, and interesting museums. 
Albania neighbors Greece and Macedonia and owns some of the islands floating in the Adriatic Sea. Tourists can conveniently access Albania by air transport by boarding flying into the International Airport that is near Tirana City, the capital of Albania. From the airport, tourists can board a bus to reach the Skanderberg Square in Tirana City for only fifteen minutes.
Attractions to see in Albania are:
The Albania Alps Mountains in the northern part of Albania create a supersonic view of the region with beautiful volcanic features, some rain forests, and gorgeous waterfalls. It is the complete nature that every visitor has to come across to experience the natural symbol of Albania. The Albanian Rivera is a beautiful coastal region with many beaches, clear sea glasses of water, and cultural villages near the sea coastline. Enjoy the much of the beach fun in the Albanian Riviera.
Butrint Archaeological museum has a large collection of artifacts symbolizing the ancient Greek periods in Albania. This museum can be found in the southern part of Albania before reaching the border between Greece and Albania, near Saranda town where public vehicles can be boarded to arrive at this museum. Other historical sites of Albania are Dures City, castles, and the Bylis Museum. Bylis Museum is also an archaeological museum that exhibits artifacts originating from the period of Roman settlement in Albania several centuries ago. Durres is famous for accommodating the ancient theater that is the largest in the Balkan state’s community.
Many ancient castles still stand in Albania’s cities. They show a lot about the historic culture of the Albanian culture by their long preserved equipment, pictures and any of their written documentaries. Examples of these castles are the Petrela Castle in Tirana, Rozafa Castle of Shkodra, and the Berat Castle and Skanderberg Castle in Kruje. Find large natural features in Lura National Park. There are huge mountains to be seen, amazing meadows and various glacial lakes to explore. This park is the ideal site for nature hiking and surely you will love it if you like hiking and mountain climbing. Tomorrow is also a natural attraction to adventure in. It has the unique columns of mountain ridges one of them known as the Tomorr ridge where the famous Bektash Monastery is situated at the top of the ridge.
One significant natural feature to be seen while in Tirana City is the huge Dajti Mountain. Visiting and standing at the slopes of the mountain facing the city gives a whole large view of the city. Burnt is a heritage site that unfolds some of the ancient histories of Albania. It exists as ruins of an urban center that once existed in this site located in the southern area of Albania. Albania offers abundant hospitality facilities of high quality and various options for tourists to select. There are beach resorts on the coast, exotic villas, and rooms provided by the luxurious hotels in Tirana City. Nice delicious Albanian cuisines are available in the fine restaurants and hotels in the cities and some urban centers found along the routes to the tourist attraction sites.