Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo is the most famous and largest Brazilian city with the city boasting of a population of 11 million people. Sao Paulo is rated among the top wealthiest city in southern hemisphere even though class inequality is a serious issue here. Often referred to as Sampa, it is sad to note that Sao Paulo is a highly underrated city as far as tourism is concerned. Despite having notable touristic attractions, it has become overshadowed by most of the Brazilian places offering beach and sun tourism especially Salvador and Rio de Janeiro
Nevertheless, it is a great city for exploration thanks to its unique idiosyncrasies and diverse international and regional cuisine available in its world class hotels and restaurants. It is also a hub of different cultural activities which makes the city an excellent spot for a holiday vacation. 
There is quite a wide range of things to do and see in Sao Paulo. To start with Avenida Paulista is one of the highly famous postcards in Sao Paulo and it is a huge business center that attracts thousands of visitors all year round. In fact, it is a culturally rich region characterized by the amalgamation of new and old architectural contrast reflected all over the place. Sao Paulo is also a historic center and even though the city was heavily affected by the degradation period, it has come to make significant recovery in recent times thanks to the recent investments and development projects. As such, you can find attractive landmarks and constructions from the glorious history of Sao Paulo. 
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The Rio Pinheiros river area is another place that is definitely worthy a visit and even though the area has suffered from heavy pollution of late, the river together with its shores is perhaps the most interesting and beautiful areas in Sao Paulo city. The area can be reached easily thanks to the Emerald train line 9 that runs along the river. Sao Paulo is a home to some of the best recreational and leisure parks even though they have of late become highly threatened due to irregular occupation which has led to their conversion to public parks. Leisure parks like Parque do Ibirapuera consist plenty of sport, cultural and recreational facilities. Ecotourism parks are such as parquet Estadual da Cantareira and mixed parks are also present here. 
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The numerous concert and theatre halls in Sao Paulo are definitely worthy a visit especially Sala Sao Paulo and Theatro Municipal where you can find French, Portuguese, German, English and Spanish plays. Sao Paulo zoo provides great family fan for both adults and children while you can as well decide to watch soccer/ football from the four huge, world class soccer stadiums in the city which are Caninde, Pacaembu, Parque Antarctica and Morumbi. City tours are also worthy your time as well as notable events and festivals such as the Sao Paulo carnival, the Gay pride parade and Virada cultural among other events. Shopping is also another exciting touristic activity tourists engage in at Sao Paulo both in the suburban areas and central shopping district.

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