Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi is the financial capital and largest Pakistan city. Currently, the city has an estimated population of 18 million people and with millions pouring into the city each year; Karachi is notably one of the fastest-growing cities today in the world. Karachi is a culturally rich city with some of the significant cultural institutions available here including the National Academy of performing arts and All Pakistan Music conference being an annual music festival held in the city since 2004. There are numerous festivals held in the city that continue to lure more and more visitors to the region such as the Karachi Fashion Week, Karachi Classic Car Show, Hamara Karachi, and others. 
Karachi is home to some of the beautiful beaches in Pakistan and has a beautiful waterfront. Port Grand is a popular food street in Karachi and an entertainment complex which also houses shopping malls, Hindu temple, and art galleries. The Clifton beach has been the most famous health resort and silver sand beach in the world before it was seriously affected by the 2003 oil spill.
Bagh –e –Ibn-e-Qasim is a popular park in Karachi city with various attractions including Lady Lloyd Pier, an old amusement park known as Funland, a mausoleum, mosque and a Hindu temple located underground. An expensively built city park in Karachi is the Boat Basin Park and the tallest fountain in the world known as water jet fountain is also located here.
Karachi also enjoys several beaches on its outskirts most of which are not very strict regarding clothing such as Hawke’s Bay Beach, French Beach, Sandspit Beach, Tushan Beach, Paradise Point, and the Russian Beach. There are several islands in Karachi which you can also visit including the Manora Island, Churna Island, and Oyster Rocks.
Notable landmarks and museums include the Quaid-e-Azam’s mausoleum which is an impressive and prominent landmark in Karachi. The Aga Khan University hospital is a famous landmark and the free Hall has a very peaceful garden where tourists can relax. Others include the National Museum of Pakistan, Mereweather Tower, and Habib Bank Plaza which has a marvelous architecture.
With a population of 18 million inhabitants, there is quite a lot you can do in Karachi as the city is simply overwhelming with numerous activities, has a heartbreaking disparity and its size is just awesome. The Anglo-Indian architecture forms an integral part of the culture in Karachi comprising numerous art galleries that display the talent of Pakistan artists. Sports are unlimited here including snorkeling, scuba diving, water sports, and golf. Karachi is Pakistan’s shopping hub with numerous bazaars and markets dotting the city as well as modern, nicely built shopping malls.
For instance, you can shop at the Atrium Mall, the Dolmen City Hall, and the Chase Value Centre, Park Towers, The Forum, and Lavish mall among others. You can buy bedsheets, garments, T-shirts, shirts, leather goods, sports goods, computer accessories, electronics and much more. Karachi has several upscale, fantastic restaurants where you can find a wide range of delicious cuisines such as Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, and others.