Shanghai, China

Shanghai is the most populous and biggest city in China comprising of various districts containing a wide selection of sightseeing opportunities, accommodation selections, great restaurants, and memorable nightlife experience. Shanghai is a great cultural center in China in addition to being the economic and trading hub of China. Being a metropolitan city, the city has a sound transportation network that makes it easily accessible by water, land, and air. Shanghai is generally a port city and to be precise, the biggest one in China. 
When it comes to foods and drinks in Shanghai, the many restaurants available here are the places where you can enjoy local, regional, and international delicacies. The restaurants serve guests with a wide range of dishes including Sichuan food, Yangzhou food, and Beijing food in addition to other local delicacies. Shopping in shanghai will probably be the climax of your holiday vacation here as the city has historically been referred to as a ‘shopping paradise’. For this reason, many visitors travel to the city just to appreciate the beautiful, attractive urban scenery and enjoy shopping at the various Shanghai stores and shops. Visitors to Shanghai will for instance pass by Huaihai road, a cultural and elegant commercial street where you can get all the latest and trending fashion selections. 
Nightlife in Shanghai is as fascinating as you would wish it to be with the city being currently referred to as China New York. Nevertheless, the kind of nightlife offered here is rather unique being a great city that has the best entertainment scenes to match. The nightlife is full of lots of surprises thanks to the highly stylish restaurants offering quality cuisine and world-class drinks. Although Shanghai is a highly developed and modernized city, most of the people here are quite conventional and still practice a traditional lifestyle. For this reason, you can expect to get the best from Shanghai festivals which are a show of the national fascination of preserved customs. 
Shanghai has been home to a wide range of professional activities, events, and expositions both of large scale and high quality. For this reason, the city has been rated as a top center for exhibitions in China. With foreign companies setting up branches in the city, the expositions have aroused the attention of people from far and beyond. There are many things to do and see in shanghai which will largely be determined by your interests and time. 
Some of the must-see attractions in the city include the Yuyuan Gardens, the shanghai museum, the temples, Zhujiajiao water town, and the Oriental Pearl Tower. Besides, there is quite a lot to do here starting with drinking at the many tea houses in shanghai where traditional and modern tea delicacies are served. You can as well decide to play the game of Go known as Weiqi while taking boat rides on the river is yet another exciting activity that you can partake in. the Jinjiang amusement parks and shanghai city beach as well as the Jinshan Donglin temple are places that you definitely cannot afford to miss visiting.
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