What’s On In Darwin, Australia – 3 Best Places to Visit

Darwin is the capital city of the Northern Territory in Australia. It is also famous as a tourist destination, due to several tourist attractions in and around this city. The months of May to October is the dry season here when the sky remains clear and the weather is very pleasant, making this time the peak tourist season in Darwin. Some popular cultural events, like Darwin Festival, are held here during this time.

Though Darwin is comparatively a smaller capital city than other Australian capitals, there are plenty of places for sightseeing of tourists. Travel agencies can guide them to find what’s on in Darwin so that they can enjoy their tour thoroughly. As this place is close to Asian countries, tourists enjoy the warm tropical climate, unlike the general weather of the temperate zone. It is known to be the youngest of all state capitals in Australia. Read about 11 best Darwin attractions from TravelSpicedLife.

Mindil Street Sunset Markets

This marketplace buzzes with sellers and customers only on Thursday and Sunday evenings every week. Due to the multicultural nature of this city, various types of ethnic foods are available in multi-cuisine restaurants of this market. There are a fig park and beach close to this market. Tourists enjoy the aboriginal music, dance, and handicraft items here, created and displayed by aborigines or the original inhabitants of this land.

There are numerous stalls selling delicious foods, which filled the air with the spicy aroma that makes people hungry in this market. Moreover, the spectacular scene of sunset that can be seen from the adjacent beach is another prime attraction of this market. Many aborigine performers are applauded by tourists, paying them graciously for their talents. Thus, a visit to this market is listed among the Darwin activities of all tourists.

Territory Wildlife Park

This park is developed over 400 hectares of land, which is 50 Km away from the main city of Darwin. Plenty of animals and birds can be seen here, including kangaroos, wallabies, emus, and macaws, which are the characteristic creatures of this country.  Tourists also enjoy watching crocodiles, snakes, bats, and many other reptiles here. No creature is encaged here, for which they are found in their natural habitat within this park.

A billabong is filled with bushes of maroon and white water lilies in this park. Freshwater crocodiles are seen resting on the bank of this water body. Birds of numerous species can be seen flying and chirping at this place, as they seem to enjoy the atmosphere of this billabong and its surroundings.

Darwin Museum

This museum is counted among the prime places to visit in Darwin where children and adults find different kinds of amusements. Kids love to watch various insects through binoculars or microscopes while even grownups enjoy solving puzzles or drawing up engraved pictures. In this museum, there is the stuffed body of a 5-meter long crocodile that killed many people in the 1970s and is now named ‘Sweetheart’. Tourists can also taste the experience of a deadly cyclone called Tracy that destroyed a large part of Darwin in 1974, through the recorded audio of that cyclone in a dark room in this museum.

There are models of local boats and canoes in the Maritime History Gallery of this museum, along with several photos of this city before hit by Cyclone Tracy. There is also an art gallery here, displaying paintings featuring Aboriginal art, Oceanic art style, Southeast Asian art, as well as modern art made by Australian painters. Moreover, tourists can have a delicious lunch, coffee and snacks in the restaurant of this museum.  

Tourists may also visit Darwin Wharf Precinct, Botanical Gardens, Crocodylus Park, and Pioneer’s Cemetery while touring this Australian city. 

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