Benefits of living in France

We firmly believe that you should ‘work to live,’ and not the other way around. If you’re living in the United States, no one knows the excessive workload better than you. Life in the US is hectic, and you may not even get some quality time with your friends or even for yourself.

Hence, moving to France from the US might be the best decision you’ll make to actually start living your life to the fullest. You won’t be able to imagine a more lavish life when you’re surrounded by the most exotic wine, tempting aroma of bagels, and some breathtaking art galleries.

Whether you live in the ‘City of Love,’ Paris, or in Nice, renowned for advanced technology centers as Acropolis and Sophia Antipolis, there’s so much to see and relish. Let’s dig a bit deeper on what may be the possible benefits of living in France.

1. Maintaining a Fine Balance between Work and Life

France is known for maintaining a maximum of 35 hours of work in a week. If you work even a minute more than these hours, you’ll get paid in double. It means you can work and have a life outside of work at the same time. You get to enjoy strolling in the park or having a lush dinner at some restaurant with your family.

Moreover, the companies give meal coupons of the nearest café to their employees. Additionally, they give out 30 days of vacations per year so you can focus on your family more. That’s the reason they’re far more productive than most employees in the US and retire about four years earlier than them.

2. Luscious Food and Exotic Wine

The divine food and wine in France are renowned as the best in the entire world, second to none. You may find it all in France, from bagels and cinnamon rolls in a traditional café or some historic patisserie to the perfectly seared steaks in a Michelin Star restaurant. Their love for food is on display wherever you go.

You may come across some of the most costly and world-class wines as well as some local wine, which is also admirable. The French take pride in certifying all their restaurants, cafés, and bars with AOC (a special kind of food certification system since 1411). All the consumable goods are supposed to be produced only using the ingredients from the designated geographical areas.

3. Taxes, and Benefits in Health Care

France utilizes around 30% of the taxes in the welfare and social funds. The whole country is quite famous for its liberal childcare and allowances for families. If you don’t earn well enough to afford daily life necessities, you can get help with rent, mainly in Paris.

The country provides an exceptional healthcare service to all its residents and workers. You can get a refund of around 70% of your medical expenses, in which you have to pay a minor monthly contribution. The system is so efficient and is recognized as one of the best healthcare systems in the world.

4. Alluring Locations with Wonderful Weather

According to research, France is the number one destination and the most visited country in the world. Whether you’re looking for a rich cultured city or a quaint countryside, France got it all. Most places let you enjoy the sunshine for almost 300 days a year, and other have all four seasons. Some of the best locations to visit in France are:

· Paris & Versailles

· The Charming Countryside of Provence

· The Cote d’Azur

· Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy

· The Chateaux of the Loire Valley

· Reims & its Magnificent Gothic Cathedral

· Fishing Villages, Historic Ports, & beaches in Brittany

· Biarritz & Saint-Jean-de-Luz

· Joan of Arc Monuments in Chinon, Rouen, & Orleans

· The Alsace Region

· Mont-Blanc % Annecy in the French Alps

· Prehistoric Caves in the Dordogne & the Pyrenees

· Island of Corsica

· Bordeaux & Saint-Emilion

· The Burgundy Region- Quintessential France

5. Excellent Education Facilities

France’s education system provides top-notch facilities for those living in France. You can get your BA or BS degree for about $250 per year and enroll in post-graduate studies for just around $300 a year. Private colleges can cost somewhat more but are still within the range of all working-class residents. Moreover, there are many scholarships available for foreign exchange students to avoid drowning in student loans.


Why did most Artists and Musicians move to France?

In 1890, the economist Sir Alfred Marshall narrated France’s cities as ‘having ideas in the air.’ He acknowledged that the countless interactions residents have with one another could lead to numerous innovative thoughts. These thoughts came in through people’s proximity in a workplace or even publicly at some café or a bar. If the crowd is upright, artists and musicians can pick out invaluable info through these casual encounters, resulting in some innovative ideas for their upcoming projects.

Apart from being metaphorical, France has all the rich culture in which art concentration is overwhelming. You can see art everywhere while being in France, motivating artists and musicians to develop their own ideas.