Popular Outdoor Activities in Dubai

Most people think that they can enjoy the fine dining experience, fine lodgings as well as the finest living experience in Dubai only. Residents of Dubai do not agree with this statement. Dubai is not only surrounded by five-star hotels and five-star restaurants. There is much more to Dubai. You can enjoy multiple popular outdoor activities in Dubai. There is a complete another face of Dubai, which you have no idea about.

It is true that high life is the nature of Dubai sojourns but there is a lot more to explore in Dubai. Let us introduce you to some exotic and amazing popular outdoor activities in Dubai:

1. Camping

Whether you would like to enjoy yourself with friends, family, or alone, camping is the best outdoor activity. The clear sky of Dubai, bright stars, and the fresh breeze of the campsite bring solace to the inner soul. There are multiple places in Dubai wherein you can enjoy fun, peaceful, and adventurous camping.

There are multiple trip areas where you can go. For instance, you can choose Ajaman Deser, Al Dhafra Beach, and Fossil Rock for your camping.

2. Hiking

There are breathtaking mountains in Dubai that have spectacular views. You can go hiking in the safest areas and enjoy it to the fullest. Groups of people go hiking with professional guides. You can also book a guide, and enjoy the beautiful view of Jabal Hafeet. Instead of wearing your new three pieces, wear your new excellent-quality and practical hiking boots in Dubai on Jabeel Hafeet, Jabal Jaes, or Masafi.

3. Desert Safari

Nowadays, a desert safari is the main excursion point of tourists in Dubai. They visit Dubai with the sole purpose of riding bikes, cars, or other bicycles. Enjoyment of the Desert Safari increases at night when you will eat delicious Dubai cuisine. The belly dance of the highly talented dancers also awaits you in the deserts.

When you book a desert safari, make sure to spend your evening and night in the desert. It refreshes your overall perspective about life.

4. Dhow Cruise Marina

Why should you enjoy simple dinners in five-star hotels?

You can go to the waters, and enjoy a delicious dinner in the floating boat. Dhow Cruise is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai. The place is full of tourists from many nations around the world. There is a buffet dinner that you can savor at the Dhow Cruise Marina. Tourists also enjoy the tranquility of the ship and the entertainment show.

5. Watersports

Another great attraction of the Dubai outdoor activities is the watersports. Though you need to have a brave heart for enjoying watersports, the safety jackets and professionals will assist you. So, you are never alone in enjoying fly-boarding, water biking, diving, and other watersports. There are endless watersports that you can try in the Dubai Sea.


Dubai is a secular place wherein you can loosen up a bit. We recommend you to enjoy another part of Dubai this time and enjoy every second of your life.