Belo Horizonte – the most beautiful horizon of Brazil

Thinking of Backpacking in Brazil, you immediately connect the colorful time of carnival, the infinite rain forest, and the pleasant Brazilian sun, as well as the vibrant cities of the country. Apart from the giant capital Rio de Janeiro, a name, which turns up more and more often is Belo Horizonte. The city is one of the most important centers in Brazil, not only for the economy of the country but as well for the numerous travelers visiting each year. The translation of „beautiful horizon“, promises a lot. During the first visit, the megacity holds this promise and surprises with a vast variety of attractions. The giant sea of houses forms not only a unique view but promises as well one of the best times one can have during backpacking the country of Brazil.

Brazil in one single city

The city of Belo Horizonte is for most of the ultimate experience in Brazil. A place, which connects not only the culture of the county and the infamous art but as well the unique way of life, which characterizes the Brazilians. The importance of Belo Horizonte lies in the economy. It is not only the capital of Minas Gerais, but as well a place where culture comes together. Travelers can explore some of the most important buildings, ranging from churches over architecture to whole stadiums of Brazilian soccer. Therefore, Belo Horizonte unites the whole country of Brazil in one single city giving each visitor an extraordinary stay with numerous highlights.

Belo Horizonte: what every Backpacker should see

Unique Brazilian architecture

One of the most famous parts of the city is the architecture. Starting with the Sao Francisco de Assis, a famous church of Belo Horizonte. From the outside, it does not look like a church, which is exactly the aspect that makes it so special. It unites both the architecture, the art, and the sanctuary, making it one of the most visits to the city.
At the Freedom Square in the city center, Backpacker can witness the famous Art Deco style and wander around the park. Many well-known artists and architects have shaped the city of Belo Horizonte. Especially the art of Oscar Niemeyer seems to attract millions of visitors into the city.

Museums full of history and art

Backpackers who love to know more about the background and the history of a country or a city will get the most out of their visit to Belo Horizonte. With the Art Museum, the Mineralogy Museum and the Art and Crafts Museum, a few days can be spent simply visiting museums. Backpackers can get detailed information about the art in Brazil and learn more about the history of a vibrant country.

Brazilian nature in the parks and surroundings

If the hectic life of the megacity is too overwhelming after a few days of exploring, Belo Horizonte offers some places of calmness. Multiple parks around the city, like the Parque Municipal, offer a green getaway. Some can even be compared to a whole botanical garden and offer a good insight into the flora and fauna of Brazil. Just outside the city, some hiking trails lead up into the mountains to fantastic viewpoints. Seeing Belo Horizonte from above and overlooking the whole city is a perspective any Backpacker should see.

Brazilian culture in the streets

One of the best impressions a Backpacker can get from Belo Horizonte is simply wandering through the streets. The markets and the vibrant life of the locals transfer the true Brazilian feeling and give a good insight into the culture. Sunday markets, local restaurants, and street artists can be found anywhere in Belo Horizonte and offer a ticket into the world of the locals.

Belo Horizonte – the real Brazilian adventure

Due to the attractions and the uniqueness of the city, Belo Horizonte turns into one of the most popular places for tourists in Brazil. Any Backpacker who wants to experience life in a megacity will get the ultimate experience, exceeding any expectations.

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