Almeria, Spain

Make Almeria your next holiday destination. The province of Almeria is full of beautiful beaches, unique architecture, and vibrant culture.

Almeria city makes it easy for visitors to experience local history and culture through its many museums. The Spanish Guitar Museum is a popular destination for musicians and music lovers alike. The exhibitions and displays show the history of the Spanish guitar and the life long work of Antonio de Torres, a native of Almeria. It takes you on a journey through the diverse styles of guitars, showing everything from Jimi Hendrix to Paco de Lucia.

For those who can appreciate Spanish history, this is the perfect destination. You will get to see examples of Christian and Muslim architecture throughout the city. The Muslim route will take you through Alacabaza, one of the largest Muslim structures in all of Spain. The fortress is without a doubt one of the most recognizable sites in the province because of its great walls and towers.

The Christian route will take you through the Cathedral and the St. Sebastian Church, a great example of the intermixed cultures in Almeria. The temple was once a mosque but was later converted into a church. It is a great place to appreciate this unique baroque style of architecture.

The Shelters of the Spanish Civil War that once protected people from bombs, have now been restored and are open to the public for viewing and guided tours. You really get a sense of Almeria’s rich past when you walk through the tunnels and imagine what life must have been like so many years ago.

Transportation is a breeze here. The tourist train runs right through the historical center to many of Almeria’s monuments. You could get almost anywhere by bus, and the city is suitable for bikes. Renting a bike is easy, and riding through the park or along the coast is a great way to spend the afternoon.

You will be glad to know that not only does Almeria have a vibrant urban setting, but it also has a great selection of beaches to choose from. San Miguel Beach, also known as Zapillo Beach, is one of the two urban beaches of the city. Most beaches in Almeria are accessible to those with disabilities and offer a wide range of amenities like showers, bathrooms, and playgrounds.

No travel destination is complete without a memorable and delicious local cuisine. You will be delighted to try Almeria’s unique recipes influenced by a mixture of the Mediterranean and Arab cooking. It is easy to find great restaurants and bars all throughout the province and near hotels, making the destination the perfect place for lovers of fine foods and adventurous eaters.

Rest assured that when you leave Almeria city, you will not only leave with the taste of the local culture and traditions but also of some of the most delicious dishes Spain has to offer.