5 things to do in Ibiza other than clubbing

Whenever someone mentions Ibiza in any context, what you immediately think of is music, parties, drinking, and dancing, right? It is an island where no matter how old you are you get to have fun, forget about stress and dance it off. Clubs are working almost all night and a part of the day but the music is never-ending. It sounds like you need to have a lot of energy to endure the whole experience as it is supposed to be but we don’t agree. Gather around as we tell you a story about 5 things to do in Ibiza that don’t include clubs and dancing!

  • Get to know the locals and their culture. We bet you didn’t know that more than 50% of people in Ibiza are born on the island but the other half are coming from the mainland or the rest of the world. Try finding the half that was born there and maybe, but just maybe you get to hear an interesting story that will take you back in time. For example, dancing is a cultural thing but how familiar is the information that Ball Pagès is a dance specific for the area and nobody knows where it came from.
  • Exploring the surroundings. Did you know that other than clubs, Ibiza has miles of diamond clear beaches? Some of them are private and belong to clubs or hotels but some of them are only visited by a few. Sunsets can be magical from those beaches and the view is breath-taking! We do recommend you to rent a yacht in Ibiza if you want to explore the island in it’s best.

  • Eat local food. Any area in the world has a unique taste. As weird as it sounds, think back and remember how many vacations do you remember by delicious dishes tasted there? Ibiza has to offer mostly Mediterranean food which is light, seductive and fresh! Olives grow best when there is enough sun and the fish is being prepared straight from the sea! I know we are not supposed to talk much about drinking but wine there is heavenly!
  • Rent a motorboat in Ibiza and go on an adventure. If you want to escape the islands rush for a couple of hours, you can always rent a motorboat and leave for a little while! As you rent the boat ask around about some good places where you can go, search for a quiet area and take a bath. After you take a bath enjoy the fruits you bought while reading your favorite book!

  • Outdoor activities are everywhere in Ibiza. Once you focus your attention on things that don’t include clubs and dancing, you see a completely different world around you. Some people are doing the bungee jumping and some are board paddling. On the other side, there are even a few who enjoy sailing. The possibilities are endless!

There are probably thousands of things you can do on this energetic island but these 5 we enjoy the most. Let your imagination run wild and think about the things you like the most and just go with the flow!

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