Freein Explorer Stand Up Paddle Board Review-2020

Hello to you all paddle board lovers, we have some news for you! A new thing hit the market and it is there to top your game and help you enjoy stand-up paddling more if that is even possible! Stay with us as we go through the best features new paddle boards are offering.

Freein 11′ Explorer Inflatable Sup Package-Light Blue is entering the “stage” as new and improved that can take it all! Keep in mind it is only for those souls craving adventures since it is made with PVC which is military approved and the stitch work will endure all weather conditions. It is a complete package and it comes with an Explored board and a special high-pressure hand pump, paddle that can be adjusted to suit you best, a repair kit just in case and a detachable fin. To top the offer it also comes with a 20 L dry bag and travel backpack which makes sure you are always good to go! 33”wide and 6” thick, Freein Explorer Stand Up paddle board offers maximum stability and carbon fibre reinforced sides make it endurable so you can bring your pet or children for a ride as well. With state of the art inflatable technology out there and vibrant color, you are meant to be noticed!

Freein 10’2 Explorer Inflatable Sup Package-Light Blue has a maximum of 275Ibs weight limit and the board itself weight 22.22lbs. With three adjustable ALU paddles and 10′ coiled leash for your security, you can paddle carefree to infinity. Removable fin is an item for more fun which can be packed in a waterproof dry bag along with a double-action hand pump and repair kit. No matter if you want to paddle, do yoga or let your spirit go wild, Freein 10’2 Explorer can handle it all.

Freein 11′ Explorer Inflatable Sup Package-Blue can not only withstand more weight but it is also 11’ long. This monster among paddle boards is made with extra supported fabric topped with Non-slip EVA Pad and 2 layers on top of the base cloth. It has a 6 Point Bungee System and soft carrying handle and it comes with a specially designed mount for sport camera if you want to document fresh breeze going through your hair as you paddle with adjustable paddles. The soft top provides a strong grip so your legs won’t get tired and if you spent all your energy and are worried about how you will carry it home, remember that with this new technology and compared to other models, it has a 25% reduction in weight and 30% reduction in stiffness!

Freein 10’2 Explorer Inflatable Sup Package-Blue is lighter and it can stand a bit less weight with the same top qualifications! Maximum stability was the focus of engineers so beginners can enjoy the boards as much as the pros! Have in mind that you won’t miss out on any fun since you can inflate your board in 5 minutes with special Freein Double Action Hand Pump and a repair kit easy to use. The board is optically perfect and the bag is the newest version with extra quality zippers and lashing straps. It is a full package indeed!

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