All You Need to Know About Nile Cruises

Egypt receives thousands of tourists annually who hear a lot about Egyptian history and come to explore Pharaonic Egypt and see the luxurious heritage of the ancient Egyptian kings. Their interests extend to discover what resulted from 5000-year civilization, construction processes, mummification techniques, features of hieroglyphs and its symbols, and the huge complexities of religion in Ancient Egypt, their gods, scared animals, religious ritual and their beliefs about life after death. All these ideas motivate this large number of guests to come to reveal these secrets. It’s glamorous and Egypt Tours Portal one of the best choices to visit Egypt.

Egypt is rich in many fabulous destinations, each destination has spellbinding historical landmarks that date back to the ancient Pharaonic eras. Luxor and Aswan in Upper Egypt are of these destinations, and they are regarded as the lovely place for a huge amount of visitors. Luxor and Aswan have an essential role in ancient history, thus the Pharaohs had left many precious treasures and ruins there.

Luxor the Ancient City

Luxor, as it’s claimed, has two-thirds of the world’s monuments. Named “ The World’s Greatest Open-Air Museum”, Luxor is well-known for its marvelous temples which the ancients used for worship and practicing rituals; Karnak Temple, Hatshepsut Temple, Dandara and Abydos Temples all were used for a religious purpose, but now they turned into tourist attractions that contain amazing drawings and priceless mummies and artifacts.

Aswan the Nubian City and it’s Breathtaking Attractions

On the other hand, Aswan, the dear neighbor of Luxor, is characterized by a distinctive location on the southern borders of Egypt, warm climate in winter, wonderful nature, and it’s considered as a large market for many visitors of various nationalities. Moreover, Aswan has a great part in Egypt history so it possesses charming glory, including Abu Simbel Temple, the High Dam, Philae Island, Edfu and Kom Ombo temples with their precious contents that amaze their visitors.

Remain that both Luxor and Aswan are located on the banks of the Nile. This advantage makes holidays-makers think to offer an additional option for the tourists who adore sailing. It’s all for the sake of providing the best service for our guests. Instead of having their own trip on foot, we enable them to witness our glorious sights on board Nile cruises, enjoying the warm sun, the attractive nature, the clear water and exploring the beauty of the Nile Valley, which was the starting point of the Egyptian glory. What a magnificent idea, it’s the best way to see our stunning ruins. Our Cruises are always well organized and we offer well-equipped ships to begin your trip. On board the ship, you will find all means of relaxation and fun. By sailing in the Nile, you take the chance to cover Luxor Temple and its fabulous buildings, Karnak Temple and discover its fascinating complexities, then move to witness the great Hatshepsut Temple that belongs to Queen Hatshepsut, one of the most successful Pharaohs in the ancient history, Valley of the Kings should also take a part of your tour and explore the precious tombs of the Pharaonic kings, including the great Tut Ankh Amun tomb. Moving to Aswan, you can experience a fantastic tour to reveal the secrets of the immortal civilization in Ancient Nubia. Explore Abu Simbel Temple, one of the ruins that symbolizes love, in Ancient Egypt, between Ramses II and his wife and don’t forget enjoying Edfu and Kom Ombo temples which directly overlook the captivating Nile and were used in Ancient Egypt for worship.

Nile cruise is an effective treatment for the boring routine of the everyday life as it’s a new experience and you have an incredible chance to relax and take in the scenery of the magical blue Nile River. On board the ship, you are allowed to do some activities in addition to visiting the historical attractions. You have the ability to listen to the music you prefer and dance, have fresh food and your favorite soft drinks, and the choice of taking many photos is also available to immortalize your trip. All your needs are fulfilled and all the circumstances and the atmosphere around you are ideal and force you to get out of the stress and be relax.

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