Beautiful villas to stay in while on vacation

Vacation time is slowly approaching and your plan is still no more than a wish? Keep on working, because we are here to give you some great ideas on how to spend your free days living like a king. And what is royalty without their ‘castle’?

While you are working long hours trying to keep up with the world, life passes by. Take a well-deserved break in one of these villas and treat yourself with the vacation you always longed for.

It is almost impossible to include all mansions that are listed out there so we have cut the list short and included those villas in the most popular vacation areas nowadays. Let’s check them out right now!

The greenest oriental gardens, exotic scent of spices and the most colorful architecture Marrakech is one of the most visited places in Africa. But, if you want to be a visitor that enjoys this treasure in private, make sure to find a secluded villa in which you will feel not only welcome but special as well. The first one to mention is Alkhozama which is decorated with unique Marrocan items and painted in vivid colors. The staff is domestic and the hospitality is out of this world. And wait until you see the bedrooms…

Party heaven for some and secluded retreat for the others in the soul of Mediterranean is no other than Ibiza. This island is home to many young people and it is always full of life. Whether you are looking for a villa to party day and night or just looking to hide away from the world, they have it all. Villa Ezia is one of the most popular, spacious and bright homes on the island and it comes with a private pool as well. In this home, everything is designed so that it tempts you to spend your time outside, and get your blood storming through your veins.

When someone says Bali we all think of an exotic and expensive place but it is actually the most affordable place with the best value for the money you are spending. Over the course of many years, domestic people have been developing this area into a tropical paradise. It holds many exclusive estates and one of the most wanted villas is Villa The Luxe Bali. Since the name covers the description, we think there is nothing much to be said more about this destination.

The only city in Europe that blends the sun so well with history, food, and nature is Barcelona. As you walk among the Spanish people you can sense the special vibe. We could not quite define it until we saw what luxury is to them. Every corner of the luxury estates in Barcelona is designed to look like it is on the high end and yet the designing process seems so effortless. This place is made for beautiful things such as Paseo De Gracia complex of villas. Luxurious would be an understatement in this case, and the balconies facing East will offer you a view that will just simply leave you speechless.

These days it seems so easy to fall into a routine and become a working robot, not even looking forward to those couple of free days a year. Break out from the shell and start spending your hard earned cash on things you are proud of, things that will make you feel special because that is what you are and each villaspot from the above will help you in your mission. You are in charge, so re-charge!