Things to see in Istanbul, Turkey

The fascinating city of Istanbul spans both Europe and Asia, and no other city can surpass such a lovely location which allows its people and visitors to enjoy both the ancient and modern world. The myriad culture of two worlds creates contrasting features, from minarets and mosques to skyscrapers and fancy restaurants, from lowly traditional eatery to flashy nightclubs and bars, the perfect blending of variations is second to none. Here is where bright lights and energetic parties happen while carefully and consciously preserving heritage, culture, and history. With all these taking place, there is no wondering why Istanbul is the destination to beat.

It is a must to have a sight of Istanbul’s imposing monuments and religious sites such as the Blue Mosque, Topaki Palace, Hagia Sophia, and Basilica Cistern, all situated in Sultanahmet Square. It is in Istanbul where one of the biggest bazaars in the world is found, and this tourist attraction certainly is a heaven-on-earth to shopping enthusiasts.

Called Kapali Carsi, this huge bazaar has 60 covered streets to accommodate over 3,000 shops. With an estimated 92 million visitors going in the Grand Bazaar, this destination is certainly one of the most-seen in the world. When it is time to slow things down, having a Turkish bath is the best way to end the day. Hamam in traditional language, this popular massage and wellness service can be found in every turn, so there is no reason not to engage in a relaxing and soothing moment.

If there is a time to spare, off-beat destinations that are very much worthy to see can fill the day. This includes Mikla, the rooftop restaurant in Marmara Pera Hotel, which is the best place for sight-seeing the panoramic views of the entire city. For an old-soul adventure, go for a traditional boat ride or taste the city’s all-time favorite snack, the Balik-Ekmek, or fish sandwich. In other words, there is no chance for the day to be monotonous in the gorgeous land of Istanbul, because every turn is a promise of new experience and lifelong souvenirs.