Top 5 Best Restaurants in Venice

If a list was to be made about places that most people would like to visit before their death, the City of Venice would be at the very top of the list. This ancient city with its rich history not only gives you a beautiful holiday destination, but also true taste of Italian Cuisine. Accommodation in this beautiful city is not a problem. If you are planning to visit the city, the best solution is renting an apartment in the historical center of Venice. And now that you have a place to stay, you are wondering where to go and get a nice meal. Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Venice.

1. Quadri

Some travel advisers would term Quadri as the only fine dining restaurant located in Piazza San Marco. This might have contributed to it winning the Michelin Star Award in 2012. It offers you a variety of dishes but specializes most on fish and desserts. To top it all the view from this restaurant is breathtaking and if you intend to propose this is the perfect place.

Quadri Restaurant in Venice

2. Alle Testiere

With a sitting space of only 22 people at a time this is the perfect restaurant for you if you wish to enjoy your meal quietly away from the crowd. With a price range of less than $100 per person you will be able to enjoy Chef Bruno’s delicacy. What makes this restaurant so special is that the Chef prepares his meals with what is fresh in the market that day.

Alle Testiere Restarant in Venice

3. Antico Martini

The elite traveler magazine ranks it as one of the top dining restaurants to visit in Venice. Established in 1720, its 300 years of history is enough to tempt any tourist. However, its food does not disappoint and its fine dining rooms conceal their age with a classy modern look. The menu offers visitor different types of fresh fish or you can choose the traditional Venetian cuisine meals accompanied by seasonal vegetables. The staff is also very welcoming and ready to give you close to perfect service.

Best Luxury Restaurants In Venice Antico Martini

4. Impronta Café

If you prefer a modern dinning setting, then this should be your restaurant of choice. In this restaurant you can get all your favorite food that you enjoy at home while still enjoying the beauty of Venice. Their sandwiches are very good and their salad bar is unmatched by any other restaurant in Venice according to the Telegraph.

venice restaurant impronta cafe

5. Osteria Di Santa Marina

If you want to play it safe with your meals then this is the place to dine. Their meals almost never disappoint. It has one of the most skilled chefs in Venice by being very creative while limiting fanciness to prevent spoiling your dining experience. It air condition indoor dining hall is the best place to dine especially during summer.

Five Wonderful Restaurants in Venice

Before travelling to Venice, make sure you arrange for accommodation in advance, because during peak seasons hotels are normally booked in advance to full capacity. You can better choose to rent an apartment in Venice, which is even cheaper and more comfortable. Also, make sure to visit some of the leading restaurants in this amazing city.

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