The Broads, England

Travel to England’s Huge And Magical Wetlands

On the east side of England is where The Broads is found, sitting nicely in beautiful counties Norfolk and Suffolk. Best known for its natural scenery and tranquil surroundings, which makes The Broads a famous tourist spot is its majestic bodies of water very much ideal for a boating holiday. Named as Britain’s largest protected wetland, The Broads promises its visitors an experience no other destination can match.

The best way to get to The Broad is through a boat ride, and that in itself is a start of a thrilling experience. The ride permits the tourists to bump into the region’s wildlife including the many species of birds, swallowtail butterflies, and immaculate white water lilies; and in every turn, unveil secret places perfect for fishing activities. It is during the boat ride where visitors get close to the rolling farmlands and marshes surrounding the region while enjoying the silvery, sparkling waters in the background. For the boat ride alone, the trip to The Broad is very much worth it.

Because The Broad encompasses navigable bodies of water, this part of England has become famous for sailing holidays and leisure boating. Water-fun activities are all here to enjoy and whether it is canoeing, rowing, or sailing, everyone gets to enjoy everything this magical wetland offers. One of the must-do when in The Broads is to hire a boat and have a cruise along the region’s wild rivers. Adding to the fun is the stop-over in the local pubs and restaurants to savor local food and to mingle with the townspeople.  To feel the heart and soul of The Broad holiday, a boat guided tour is highly suggested.

To be in The Broads is not all about rivers and wetlands. This diverse region is also well-known for its nature reserves that serve home to some of the region’s rarest creatures, such as the otter and Swallowtail butterfly, and as a sanctuary of different types of birds. After the enjoyable bird-watching, tourists either head to the historic villages and have a journey back in time, or go to the nearby shopping spots to relax and unwind. From adventurous water rides to a laid-back routine, there is an exciting activity waiting for everybody.

Part of an awesome holiday is finding the best place to spend the night, and in The Broads, visitors have a wide array of accommodations to choose from. Hotels here are designed as country homes, very much fitting for an equable and calm getaway. Also found here are self-catering cottages, bed and breakfast, lodges, and for a different kind of accommodation, there’s the luxurious cabin for that luxurious stay. From budget to high-end, from quaint to modern, the choices are many to cater to varied lifestyles.