Bakersfield, California

Bakersfield is not only one of the fastest-growing cities in California, but it is also a city that has promising tourism activities. Known all across the country for its unique Bakersfield Sound, the city takes pride in its musical heritage which is regarded as one of its important features. From music and entertainment to museum exhibits and natural attractions, the city has a wide range of offerings tourists truly appreciate.

 Whether it is for a weekend trip of a week-long holiday, this region found in the Central Valley of California guarantees an experience hard to forget. Proud of its history, the museums of Bakersfield are perfect venues for displaying its interesting past, rich heritage, and colorful culture. Its chain of museums includes Kern County Museum, a 16-acre property that highlights the city’s historic structures such as jails, log cabins, courthouses, and old-fashioned homes in real form.

There is also the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History which houses fossils found in the foothills of the city, mostly comprised of dinosaurs and early animals from Asia, Africa, and North America. Bakersfield Museum of Art, on the other hand, is all about the artwork that stirs the interest of visitors of all ages, and with interactive and educational activities to offer, this museum is an ideal place to bring the young members of the family.

When in Bakersfield, tourists never dare miss Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace. As a place dedicated to the country music legend, the palace serves as a museum that displays Buck’s memorabilia that remind of his success as a performer. Another popular attraction is the CALM, or the California Living Museum, or commonly known as the Bakersfield Zoo. This destination gives sanctuary to rare and endangered animals such as the desert bighorn sheep, an animal that has a strong connection to Kern and its history. Founded in 1980, this zoo is not just a home for animals and city attractions, it is where plants, artifacts, and fossils are preserved to educate visitors and encourage children to take care of what remains on the gifts given by Mother Nature.

There are a lot of entertainment options for people visiting Bakersfield, and these activities include concerts, jazz music fests, circuses, and all sorts of live shows. The Downtown of Bakersfield is where to go if music and fun are craved for. Downtown is where most of the local talents perform, in venues such as restaurants, clubs, bars, and pubs.

On The Rocks, Riley’s, The Padre, and Sandrini’s are some of the famous establishment’s locals and visitors go-to for some entertainment, food, and booze. Those who love to shop will enjoy the shopping centers in Bakersfield. With plenty to choose from, ranging from a quaint souvenir shop to an upscale boutique, retail satisfaction is achieved here. Large shopping centers here include The Marketplace, Valley Plaza, the East Hills Mall, and the Promenade.